Go For Innovative Designed Shapewear By Shapellx

Shapewear need not be the same old tight fabric that pushes your fat inside. The times are changing and you can add a splash of glamour and creativity to your shapewear too. Unlike the waist trainer for women that are restricted to the stomach only, the new variants of Shapellx come with skills to melt your thigh and butt fat as well. With extended benefits and modern designs, the Shapellx shapewear is a new field that’s made its place on the brighter side of the mountain. In this scenario, you need to get your hands on some of the finest pieces while they still last in the market.
best waist trainer

Let’s begin with the waist corsets that women were obsessed with in the past. Though the victorian era is long gone, you need to understand that reoccurring fashion is not really surprising. Corsets are a very modern way to hide your tummy fat and also add a fashion statement to your clothing. Wearing a ball gown or prom dress over this one will redefine your structure and highlight your assets. This is a definite must-try for women of all ages.

best shapewear for women

Shaper shorts with a zip are my personal favorite. They have a beautiful cream color that blends in with the skin and wearing them is a complete stress free episode. All you have to do is pull them up, zip with your tummy pushed in. They give a more defined contour to your body and you can wear them underneath the regular jeans or party gowns.

full body shaper


Most fashionistas prefer to wear full bodysuits when they go for high neck t-shirts and jeans. When you have you top covered till your neck, then your assets and waist are going to be the main parts of attention. In that case, a full bodysuit will help to push your bust up, pull your stomach in and also lift your butt to give a proper hold to the dress you are wearing. The rightly shaped assets can make any clothing look divine.

waist trainer and thigh trimmer

Even when the gym is concerned, the neoprene shapers are the best shapewear for the tummy and waist. Also called waist trainers, they are meant to help you double your weight loss results and give a good support to your body while you do it. The new 2-in-1- thigh and waist trimmer helps to reduce the jiggling inner thighs, protruding belly pooches and also gives a good shape to your butt.

If you want a break from the casual routine, you can go for those waist trainers that have designs and prints over them. When these waist trainers were worn over gym clothing, they are considered to be given body's support and relieve back pain.  While this is still true, shapewear also has several other benefits. These printed and well-designed shapers will distract you from the obvious medical requirement and people will stay awed at their look.

To begin with, you can buy Shapellx waist trainers and some of the trendiest shapewear available in the market!