Hottest Shapewear Styles You Should Know

When you hear the word best shapewear bodysuits, you might cringe a bit. But that should not be the case. Shapewear is not an uneasy or suffocating garment. If you choose the best shapewear bodysuits then it will not only make you look extremely sexy but also it will make you feel great about it. These bodysuits, shapers and waist cinchers are every bit sexy as the other lingerie present in your drawer. When you want to look best, then the better option is to call out the heavy gear to make sure that you nail your look. The best bet is to get into the best shapewear bodysuits that will make you look slimmer and in shape. Here is where the importance of hottest shapewear comes in. We have brought you the list of top 5 shapewear styles that you need to know.

The first full body shaper for women to highly recommend is the bodysuit shaper with hook and eye zipper closure. This Shapellx shapewear comes with high elastic fabric with comfortable mesh designs. The material is very light in weight with 85% nylon and 15% spandex. It has got a push-up bra design with added support without compromising comfort.

shapewear bodysuits

 The second full body shaper for women is bodysuit zipper slimming shapers. It comes with high elastic mesh and high elastic lining. It has got high elastic fabric and compression designs for accommodating various bust sizes. There is rubber in the abdominal region for better tummy control, which will make sure that people wear this piece of body shaper comfortably and effectively lower belly fat. 

full body shaper

The third best shapewear by Shapellx on the list is Shapellx adjustable straps plus size body-shaper. It functions perfectly to ensure the butt lift. The waistband comes with an epoxy design to prevent curling. There are high capacity wrinkles that enhance hip capacity. The part of the abdomen will fit your body in the perfect way while ensuring a flatter tummy. There is a special leg opening that helps in avoiding curling.

seamless shapewear for women

 The fourth one on the list is the women’s shapewear tummy control shorts. It comes with a front zipper for better comfort. It comes with removable straps and this one is a braless design so that you get to wear your favorite bra. This best shapewear by Shapellx is a butt lifter short shapewear that has got adjustable straps.

shapewear tummy control shorts

The next highly recommended shapewear for women is the zipper detachable post-surgical body shaper. It comes with adjustable and removable shoulder straps. There is a rubber bone on the side of the waist that prevents curling. There are three layers that increase the strength of the abdomen. The crotch of the design is perfect for going to the toilet.

The last but not the least, thigh trimmer. Shapellx neoprene innovative thigh trimmer is a workout intimates for you. While you are running, cycling, rowing or do some exercise to sweat, wearing a pair of thigh trimmer will double your performance. Its unique design can help you effectively slim your waistline as well as target control your thigh. So add it to your wardrobe now!

thigh trimmer