Read This Before Purchasing Your First Shaping Underwear

You are ready to purchase your first shaping underwear online but still wonder if you have made the right design choice for you? Today we are going to round out a few quick tips and tricks to help you choose the write shaper according to your needs.

Sure, shopping online can be quite overwhelming sometimes especially if you are a first-time buyer. Fear not. The process is way less complicated as you might be thinking but, there indeed some things you need to take into consideration before hitting the “order” button to get your hands on the best women shapewear.


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                               AirSlim™ Lycra Cami Seamless Bodysuit


 Shapewear is made to do just that- shape your body. If a particular style doesn’t fit properly, the results will be the exact opposite-no one needs to have extra wrinkles on their clothes, let’s not talk about the uncomfortable feeling. Am I right? Many women assume that by choosing a size smaller the results will be even more prominent. This could not be further from the truth. Instead of going one size smaller, try picking a design with firmer compression. Pay attention to the website’s size chart and measure yourself accurately. Don’t depend on your regular clothing size as a reference. Textures and vinyl tapes are some of the most effective ways to easily measure yourself at home.


AirSlim™ Power Body Shaper with Side Zipper


Don’t get influenced by the one style of shapewear a specific celebrity wears and posts on her insta stories. Browse all the available designs instead, to choose the one that accommodates your own needs and fits your body type like a glove. Quick eg, if you have a fuller bust and small hips, consider ordering a shaper that will enhance your lower half and offer extra butt support. If you are on the curvier side, check out the best shapellx shapewear for plus size women.


AirSlim™ Seamless Open Bust Bodysuit Panty

Already familiar with the benefits of using shaping underwear? There is also a wide collection of waist trainers – including the waist and thigh trainer for weight loss- that promise you the ultimate work out boost.


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Some styles are only meant to be worn on special occasions like weddings and formal events due to the high compression they offer. However, there are a ton of choices available intended for regular use. Many styles like the AirSlim™ High Waist Firm Control Shaper Panty give amazing shaping results AND are comfy enough to wear daily.