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Shapellx Christmas Day Sale

Christmas shapewear sale

As we are near the end of the year biggest holiday, Christmas Day, the sales get better and better. If you are one of those who want to score big on name-brand fashion labels, Shapellx got you covered. This time around, we have a hot sale for a holiday. We have dropped a rare sitewide discount on all our shapewear items.

Feel the magic behind our 2020 Christmas sale! By shaping your legs, raising your ass, and decreasing your tummy for a sexy holiday look, take control of your vacation. The holiday season involves tea parties, meals for families, and a plethora of family events. This is where shapewear helps give you a nice look when attending the events and feel your best. For all of your special moments this holiday, take a peek at the finest shapewear.

 NeoSweat™ Arm Trimmers


arm trimmer

Are you always uncomfortable showing off your arms? Wearing a sleeveless top is not always easy for those with flabby biceps. Fortunately, we have arm trimmers that boost heat and sweat to the bicep region with thermal compression when working out.

For ultimate thermal insulation, Neosweat arm trimmers are designed for superior durability with elevated latex-free neoprene and double-stitched. They implement an anti-slip grid, which repels moist and effectively prevents slipping or probably rolling during exercise.

They come in two pieces, right and left, built to build the best match for your arms size and shape by contouring and flexing around your bicep. Our arm trimmers this holiday has a 40% off. Grab yours now for a sexy look this Christmas.

 NeoSweat™ High Waist Thigh Eraser Butt Lifter


plus size waist and thigh trainer

You are in for incredible shapewear if you have been struggling with big thighs and wondering how to manage them. The high waist thigh eraser and butt trimmer will help minimize your thighs' size and shape, slim your waist and raise your ass.

 Our body shaper is redesigned for more comfort as you run or jog, with a strap around the waist. Made of neoprene latex-free material that boosts thermogenic activity to sweat more. The heat sustained tends to alleviate hips and nerve sciatica.

At 70 percent off, buy our thigh eraser. It is comfortable, stretchy, lightweight, and soft. You'll get the sexy body you've always desired with a thigh trimmer and a nutritious meal schedule.

 AirSlim™ Full-Coverage Bodysuit with Side Zipper


full body shaper


A one-piece swimsuit is identical to a bodysuit. It protects the chest and hips and binds the groin with hooks and eyes, zips, or tiny snaps. Best shapewear for women helps you to open the bottom without taking the whole undergarment off for trips to the toilet.

Typically, the bodysuit allows you to tuck in every bulge without worrying about bumps appearances. For the fashion reason, it stays neatly tucked in and provides a smooth appearance. Creating room for personal pleasure and seduction.

Our full-coverage bodysuit with a side zipper is perfect for adding a sheer blouse or dress underneath. They are tight-fitting and keep out of the way and without revealing more than you would like, let the sheer layer on top shine. Get yours at 30% off on our holiday sale.

 AirSlim™ Post Surgery Liposuction Tummy Abdominal Compression Board


post surgery shapewear compression board

Liposuction is targeted at different regions, including the abdomen, thighs, and hips. Tragically, specific individuals have unreasonable assumptions for their procedure after the surgery. They do not meet their desired goals and therefore need a boost.

It speeds up the healing process of your operation with this post-surgery compression board, giving your body a flat belly to reveal your figure. Without leaving marks on the skin, it offers support and warmth, much like what you're looking for when there's an intervention.

The best thing about this shapewear is that under your body apparel, it is invisible. It adapts seamlessly to the size of your figure to suit your body, providing greater comfort, and above all, it is the ideal complement to the lipo treatment. Its design will help return the skin to the muscle, prevent folding, accumulate fluid, or discomfort.

Grab yours today at 30% off and stand a chance of showing off your sexy figure on Christmas day. It will assist the loose skin in retracting or shrinking and contour irregularities after liposuction. Wear your favorite outfits without anyone noticing. Furthermore, it is easier to use it between the panty or girdle to hold to your abdomen.

 NeoSweat™ Sport Vest with Triple Belts


waist trainer vest

The triple-belt sports vest is all you love to control your tummy and the reach of the lower abdomen. To target the lower, middle, and upper abdominal, it features a zip-up fastener and three adjustable elastic velcro straps to provide the optimum compression and fit for your particular problem area.

In addition to increased thermal activity to target back fat, the vest shape supports the entire back and helps alleviate back pain and improve your posture. During hikes or cardio workouts, you can wear these. For a sensational figure, shape your body with the best performance.

For a push-up and high impact effect, the vest features breathable mesh and adjustable straps. It is made with a neoprene lining of 100 percent with good thermogenic results to make you sweat, leading to water weight loss. It has large-area belly velcro fasteners and three waist belts that allow you to adjust the compression and tightness to meet your requirements.

Shapellx offers you 40% off on this item. You have no excuse for not having a slim waist or flat stomach. Make heads turn this holiday with a sensational figure.

You don't have to struggle with that muffin top or tummy bloat from the after-party dinner; we have the best and high-quality shapewear ranging from leggings, bodysuits to plus size waist trainer to intimate wear needs. Have that breathable and comfortable undergarment to wear throughout the day. Our Christmas day sale is on at the most affordable prices you can ever imagine. It is never too late, and you can still get this holiday's best prices on all your shaping needs, including free shipping and extra sweet discounts.

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