Shapewear Care Guide: How to Wash Your Shapewear?

Shapewear has become a prominent beauty product as they help women get into a perfect shape and look stunningly beautiful. Besides, body shaper for women can easily to be out of shape if you dont take care of them. It has been seen that most women don’t know how to properly wash shapewear and damage the shapewear quality. So, here we have listed down some useful tips related to general shapewear washing. For detailed washing guide, please refer to the washing note for the specific item. 

  1. Always carefully read the care tags

Before washing your shapers, make sure that you have checked the care tags. There will be some symbols that can tell you how to clean the garments. Besides, you can know what type of detergent you can use and whether you should machine wash or hand wash the file. So, don’t forget to read the tag.  The basic tags of shapewear care are: 1.Hand wash;  2. Do not dry clean; 3. Do not iron; 4. Do not bleach; 5. Do not tumble dry. 

  1. Understand the fabric

Another crucial thing to consider here is the types of fabrics used in the shapers. Different types of fabrics will need other cleaning methods. For instance, the best shapewear for tummy and waist made of latex material can have some instructions like cleaning using warm water and high-quality detergent, and no washing machine. So, know what type of fabric is used.

  1. Gentle soak, best use mild shampoo or baby shampoo

To immaculate your favorite shapewear piece, begin with a soft and quick soak in warm or cool water. This will help you to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt. But don’t leave your shapewear for too long in the water, or it can affect the color. Rubbing the stains lightly using quality soap or garment cleaning solution can also work great. So, keep this in mind.

  1. Use wash bags 

If the shapewear supports machine wash, it would be better use wash bags that are developed for such tasks. Such bags are mesh bags and generally used for delicate clothes and laundry lingerie. These are ideal for cleaning your costly shapewear too. However, while washing, don’t wash the shapers along with your bras with clasps and hooks as it can damage the product. You can use wash bags to clean power control full body shaper.

  1. Don’t use a dryer

Try your best not to use any dryer for your shapewear, especially for the best Shapellx shapewear. As per the experts, dryers are the devil and can significantly affect the fabric quality. You should air dry your body shaper to preserve the natural quality and elasticity level of the garments. You should always keep in mind that always try to hand wash your shapewear to get the best result. Even though few shapewear care tag says they can be washed in machine, that means the gentle cycle is acceptable. Follow these tips, and you can take good care of your shapewear.