Top 5 Plus Size Shapewear You Should Shop Now

The curvey women give out the vibes of positive confidence that is hard to miss. These days, no one is interested in skeleton bodies and want a bit of muscle too. That’s something these plus size women can easily acquire. WIth the right amount of exercise, sufficient protein intake and balanced diet, they can get the killer bodies that they want. While you focus on that, any sudden office meeting or quick romantic date will demand that you have a toned body. Here’s a list of top 5 shapewear that will impress any Plus size beauty out there.  

best shapewear for women

You never know what you are wearing. It could be a dress with sleeves or an off-shoulder outfit. In that case, this detachable straps shapewear shorts are the best shapewear for dress. You can wear them underneath normal jeans, extravagant gowns or even casual fit and flares. They are economical because of this multi usable feature. Also, they focus on your waist, butt and thigh region to hide any jingling of fat in the area.

shaper shorts

High waist shorts without sleeves or straps are the best alternative to the normal thong and strapped ones. This is because they are very firm against the skin and do not roll down. They allow you to breath while still doing their job. You can wear them under any clothing and they’ll stay inconspicuous. They work on giving you defined hips and your love handles will melt under the pressure of the fabric. This is the ideal choice for someone who prefers to wear shapewear everyday.


The butt lifting shapewear panties are the best for women who are looking to create well-defined assets. These shorts are going to give your butt a lifted appearance and a proper support to your underbust area. As a result, you will look more toned and perfect. No, they are not going to shrink you by several sizes, but they’ll do a good job of making you look fit and fab.


Finding the plus size shapewear in the waist trainer section can be a tiring task. We sometimes overdo the compression level thinking that it will show quicker results. That’s a myth you need to burst. Go for a good 2-in-1 wait and thigh trimmer that will help you reduce the calories from the waist, hip and thigh regions. Go for your right size to avoid physical complications. Shapellx shapewear offers some of the best neoprene waist trimmers for the plus sized beauties.


Lastly, you can go for waist trainers that cover your entire upper torso. Giving proper support to your spine, bust and waist during the workout, they do a very good job to not strain your body too much during the vigorous workout. The double belt will secure the neoprene material around your upper body.  Go for these 5 plus size shapewear and waist trainer to achieve a slimmer figure as you expect.