Top Types of Designer Shapewear for Plus Size women

Being a plus size women face difficulty in wearing many body-hugging dresses. To solve this issue you can go with the various body shapers that are available for the plus size women online. You can target the area where you want the slimmer look and then purchase the shaper accordingly. You can get your desired look instantly by wearing theses shapewear from Shapellx.

Full slip under a dress

This body slimmer should be in every girl’s wardrobe. As a plus-size woman, you cannot wear any dress or top directly after wearing your bra. This will make your side bulges more prominent and obvious. If you are looking for a comfortable slimmer, you can go for this shaper slip under dresses to get the natural curves. This is made of stretchable material and is very comfortable in the skin.




Bodysuit shapewear

These bodysuits shaper are very affordable and popular online. If you want to hide the extra fat in the tummy area you can go for these shapers. These provide the support to your back and maintain the shape of your back too including the hip area.



Tummy tucker

If you love your thick thighs and want a shaper the only deals with the tummy fat, this shaper is perfect for you. You can get the flat tummy and flaunt any bodycon dress easily. These are very comfortable and can be worn for a long period. Tummy tucker does not only control your tummy area but also gives your body right support on all occasions.

Waist corset

Corset is very popular shaper that provides you the perfect hourglass figure. This is adjustable so you don’t have to worry about the size while purchasing it. You can go for the traditional corset or you can also go for the straps attached to the corset. These are perfect shapers for the plus size women to give them the illusion of slimmer waist.



Tummy and thigh shaper

If you want the illusion of slimmer thighs and tummy, go for the tummy and thigh shapers. These are full body shapers and define your curves making it beautiful. You can wear them under any dress and get the perfect look instantly.