Try Out These Shapewear To Hide Belly Fat

It is a dream for all women to attain an hourglass figure during your next event or party. Attaining a sexy figure is not easy as you need to go to the gym and spend hours, but sexy shapewear can give you the desired look instantly without much effort. Before you put on your dress, make sure you select the best shapewear to hide the fat of targeted areas. The good news is the Shapellx Christmas clearance is on, and you are able to enjoy up to 70% off when buying best shapewear for your beauty. 

So what are the types of shapewear to obtain an hourglass figure?

High-Waisted Butt Lifter Shapewear

The high waist shapewear for women covers all the angles in the correct proportion without the feeling of suffocation. The material is comfortable and breathable to add more ease of wearing and removing. It comes with a high waist that compresses the fats from all the angles instantly to give an hourglass figure.

 Medium-thigh Panty Shapewear

shapewear bodysuits

These are the underwear that is extended to your hips and also covers the waist. It compresses the hips, thighs, and waist and gives comfort to the area. It makes your waist portion look slimmer that will compliment the hourglass look after you put on your sexy outfit.

 Girdle Panty Shapewear

best shapewear panty

It is entire body shapewear that starts below your bust line and ends on your thighs. The compression is comfortable, and there is no sense of irritation while in it. It is the shapewear with something like best waist trainer that is comfortable to wear and remove. It gives instant results and makes you look super sexy after you put on your event dress above it.

 Thong Short Shapewear

thong shapewear bodysuit


To maintain an hourglass figure, thong shorts are the best and most popular choice of women. It lifts the butt and holds it firmly to enhance the look, whereas it also compresses the waist and back fats to slim the portion to form the hourglass figure. The material is breathable and comfortable.

 Plus size Shapewear bodysuits 

plus size shapewear bodysuits

The plus-size shapewear bodysuit comes with the high-waist and mid thigh length that works effectively in suppressing the thighs, waistline, back, and the hips. These are the prime targeted areas that need to be compressed to achieve an hourglass figure. Also, the Chest fabric is stretchy enough to fit a wide variety of chest sizes, and hide your fat on both waistline and thigh secretly and perfectly.

These are the best waist trainer and shapewear for women to attain an hourglass figure and maintain it with ease without any sense of discomfort. If you are looking for one, then make your choice by deciding your targeted areas of the body.