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Slips & Camis

Precision-Crafted Slips & Camis Collection
Made for a perfect fit, our line of Slips & Camis supports your curves, and help you go from “not
feeling it today” mood to “where’s the red carpet?”

Sculpt your silhouette with foundation wardrobe pieces that help you get the perfect fit.
The slip & camis will hug your curves without flattening your chest, nor your butt.
Smooth out your silhouette, sculpt your tummy and hips, lift, and shape your bust, prevent underarm bulging and spillage.
Stretchy, lightweight fabrics ensure both an all-day comfort, and a stay in place fit without ride ups.
Check our Slip & Camis that will help create a smooth seamless base that‘ll make all your favorite dresses look absolutely fabulous.