Tummy and Waist Control Shapewear To Love Right Now

Over the last decade, shapewear is one of the most profitable fields of the underwear business – Yes, we have seen every Instagram post and how-to tutorial –The truth lies in the numbers. Women appear to love shapers, and rightfully so. Many people believe that the sole purpose of wearing this undergarment is to look slimmer. Without a doubt, this is the key marketing tool many brands use to promote their products to a wider audience, however, there are different reasons to consider shapewear as well. 

With fashion styles like the tight fitted bodycon dress, the rise of cycling shorts for casual, everyday use the need for “invisible” underwear is now bigger than ever. Shapewear goes unnoticed and can easily smooth out any lumps –or cellulite- in the process. It can likewise be used as an underlayer to sheer clothing - we are looking at you, 2020 street style trends-. With that being said having one item that can fulfill all your needs – small waist, tummy control, skin smoothing etc- is something worth investing in. We put together a list of the top 2020 shapewear styles that can do exactly what they promise, thank us later.

 Shaping briefs

best shapewear shorts

These styles rise just above your bra. The end goal? To smooth your body from the lower stomach up to the bra line. Shaping briefs often have adjustable straps to ensure comfort – no one wants to constantly fix the position of their undergarments, right? Tummy control shapewear, easy to wear throughout the day, have at the top of every woman’s list for years.

 Shaping shorts

shaper shorts

Very similar to the shaping briefs mentioned above, these typically have a high waistline intended to shape the stomach and midriff areas of your body, however they have the additional advantage of thinning and camouflaging your thighs as well. Furthermore, the best plus size shapewear is great solution to prevent your thighs from rubbing together due to the hot, summer weather conditions. 

Shaping bodysuits

full body shaper

thong shapewear bodysuits

A bodysuit combines all the effects of shaping short and brief together. Need the most extreme all-over forming solution? Shapellx shapewear is the choice for you! How does it work? By adding pressure to your waist, core, and booty to create a fouler silhouette. Some alternatives include open bust styles for you to wear with your bra and a thong to go unnoticed under your favorite dresses and skirts.