Show Off Your Hourglass Figure Wearing Thong Shapewear

Every woman would love a miracle for their body, and especially during the hot seasons.  This is actually the time where hiding under layers of clothing is almost impossible. You, therefore, have to face the reality that your waistline needs a fix. Some women even go to extremes by using unhealthy pills or methods that claim to burn fat without dieting. But this should never be the case.


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Rather than experimenting with dangerous pills and crash diets (most of which don’t even achieve the desired results), a seamless shapewear or body shaper can just be the best option for you. The shapewear provides a temporary fix and is exactly what you need for confidence during the day.  So you can comfortably wear that spring dress or short party dress without worrying much about your figure.

Thong shapewear are available in different types and styles. You can even be surprises to find some shapewear brands that you aren’t even aware of. So here is a guideline to help you find a thong shapewear bodysuit that works best depending on your problem area.

The Waistline

If you want to get a slimmer shape on your waist, you can choose from a large variety of thong shapewear styles.  Most of them will help you get the area lifted, tight and just looking great.

seamless shapewear bodysuits
  • The seamless strap tummy control bodysuit can be a good choice for a lady who wants to reduce the waistline. Most of them are also seamless which makes them completely invisible under your outfit.
  • Another option is the bralette shapewear which can go well with clingy tops
  • Also for the sliming the waist, a shaping cami serves as the best style that can trim your chest as well as the stomach area.  

Belly and Thigh 

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Most women have problems with their waist and thighh areas. Regardless of how much their exercise or diet, getting rid of the pesky bulges is never easy. Well, this might be a fact for many, but it is also an issue that can easily be resolved with the best tummy control shapewear.  

  • Half control slips can lift and supper the bust line and minimize the stomach.
  • Waist clincher briefs can support and tighten the waistline and also tightens the butt as well.
  • A high waisted thong also offers stomach support in the same way a waist clincher brief does.


high waist shapewaar bodysuits

 For the thighs,

  • High-waisted shapewear leggings can be a good choice. They also offer more leg coverage especially during the cold season. The leggings can slim and tighten the thighs as well as the mid-section.
  • A high-waisted thigh shaper looks more of a garment that shapewear. But it also serves the purpose just right.  The body shaper can help you solve all your problems, whether it is your thighs, butt or stomach by supporting and tightening the body parts.

If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to wear that dress that you really admire but never fits, then you already have the answer. Finding the best body shaper is what you need to rock in your favorite outfits without focusing much on your body shape! Christmas is around the corner, and you can find best shapewear at Shapellx with a big discount at Shapellx. Try to find the most suitable shapewear pieces to style all your dresses for this holiday!