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Can Shapewear Hide 'Back Fat'? Yes! Here's How

Can Shapewear Hide 'Back Fat'? Yes! Here's How

As women, we're constantly exposed to body-conscious content on social media. Meaning, we're more than familiar with terms like muffin top, side boob, and—of course—love handles.  

Or, to put it plainly, back fat.

In an ideal world, excess fat would be evenly distributed all over the body with a size chart that helps us instead of making us super conscious that we added one more number to it. In an even better world, we wouldn't have to feel self-conscious about fat. Full stop.

Unfortunately, that's not the case for 99% of us. What's worse is that ill-fitting bras (that create a bra bulge), too-tight tops (with "false" adjustable straps), and size-too-small jeans can accentuate our belly and back bulge, and hide our natural waist. 

We're here to say that it's 100% normal and 100% okay when that happens because we can't all be picture-perfect IG models (who we know for a fact still feel insecure and photoshop their pictures). 

So if you're comfortable with your body, belly rolls, love handles, and all, more power to you. Keep rocking it. 

But, we all have moments where we'd rather flatten, not flaunt, the extra back flab. A special occasion, perhaps. Or a fancy party. At times like these, a little shaping and tucking in the lower back and torso can be a godsend.

This is where shapewear comes in.  

Certain shaper garments are specifically designed to target back fat—even if they don't explicitly say so. And they can do it in a way that looks natural and seamless. All while rocking your actual size and loving how you look in it.

Here are the three shaper styles capable of controlling back fat, and take care of that extra skin, if you need it to.


Open Bust Body Shaper

The bra-less body shaper allows you to wear your favourite bras beneath them (a great way to avoid unnecessary layering and keep a familiar, comfortable fit). 

They're often styled as bodysuits or rompers with a deep, wide cut at the front for your breasts. They can end in either shorts that go down to your thigh (or even mid-thigh), briefs, or thongs.

These types of shapewear are great for back fat due to their seamless, uninterrupted silhouette. Being a single, cohesive piece means that there are no cracks, gaps, or holes for the fat to spill out from (think tight denim jeans causing a muffin top).  

The compression and elasticity also help spread extra fat or skin evenly, creating a more balanced look. Yes, they're comparable to one-piece swimsuits, only more elastic and compressive. A piece of high-quality shapewear that is up to solve the "back-fat task".  

Top Picks:

  • AirSlim® Open Bust Seamless Smoothing Body Shaper. Pieces with adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize the fit so that it perfectly hugs your body. The double-layer, super-tight fabric structure effectively controls both your tummy bulge and back fat. While the wide straps make it comfortable to wear.
  • CoreSculpt™ Open Bust Tummy Control Bodysuit. Bodysuits that focus on your lower torso are great for controlling excess fat on both your front and back. Opt for seamless styles as well to avoid VPL (visible panty lines) or awkward indents in your clothes.


    Posture Correctors

    Practising good posture can firm up your abdomen and strengthen your core. This will lead to a smoother, tighter-looking waist. Good posture also creates cleaner, more attractive body lines, no matter your body type. Ergo, body shapers that help correct and support your posture are ideal for banishing (or hiding) back fat. 

    Most posture correctors resemble traditional bras with some back support to achieve even weight distribution. When weight is distributed correctly across your torso, your back remains in a neutral position. There are even posture correcting shapewear bust-lifting bras for women who like a bit of lift. Other posture correctors have built-in, flexible rod-like structures that gently line up against your spine to keep it straight. These styles often go all the way down to the lower back.


    Top Picks:

    • CoreSculpt™ Posture Corrector Bra. Posture corrector shapers without sleeves are a great option for sleeveless or short-sleeved outfits (with an added built-in bra). They're also ideal for wear during hotter weather.
    • CoreSculpt™ Back Support Posture Corrector Arm Slimmer. Long-sleeved options offer a great two-for-one; they train your posture while slimming and cinching your arms. Cuts like these are a must-have to wear with tight, long-sleeved tops.


    Waist Cinchers

    The number-one design that most people associate with shapewear, waist cinchers and waist trainers are the secret behind defined curves and a snatched waist. These shaper garments are similar to corsets, only a hundred times more comfortable. There are no tightening laces, no inflexible steel boning, and no shortness of breath. They are, in short, the perfect waist trainer. 

    Waist cinchers are, instead comparable to wide belts or belly bands that fully support the lower torso. They provide a soothing compression that helps control and distribute excess fat.

    Most—if not all—waist cinchers are made from a fabric blend of mesh, neoprene, and other breathable (and highly elastic!) materials. Options to close include hook-and-eye sets, Velcro straps, zippers, or a mix of all three. This makes them ideal as a waist cincher postpartum option too. 


    Top Picks:

    • NeoSweat® Waist Cincher. For a comfortable, everyday fit, choose waist cinchers made of breathable, skin-friendly fabric. This one, for instance, is made of Nylon and Neoprene—a smooth, durable material that's easy to clean and won't irritate the skin when you sweat.
    • NeoSweat® Double Power Waist Trainer. Multipurpose shapewear pieces are perfect for practical ladies. Heavy-duty compression waist trainers flatten your stomach, support your lower torso, and maximize the sweat around that area as you work out. And, yes, you can work out in shapers! Flexible steel inserts and latex design makes for a versatile, flexible fit even during the most intense exercises.

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