About Shapellx

“ You already have what it takes to conquer the world.”

Shapellx is known for its ongoing advocacy for body positivity and making shapewear to flatter every body type & size. We strongly believe that women deserve absolute power and control over their body, confidence and what they decide to wear. Be that a pair of 6-inch stilettos or shapewear to help her feel on the top of the world.


Shapellx envisions a generation of confident, beautiful women that shine bright, and bring their A game to the full life journey, from stay-at-home moms to boss girls.
Our vision is to support women through all their life adventures. And be that best friend that’s always in their corner.
Here, we focus on what’s important. Your confidence and your body.


We're built for support, so you can look and feel amazing. With size inclusive shapewear, flattering bodysuits, that sculpt and shape your body for a better fit, Shapellx feels 100% secure.
And it’s going to do what it’s supposed to - Hold it together.
For when you want the extra support.
For when you need to feel tight and look fit.
For when you exercise and need an extra result boost.

Shapellx is shapewear with a secret. It shaves off pounds like nobody’s business. Our goal is to help you transform, sculpt, and crush those little insecurities you might have. Because nothing should stop you on the way to the top.

“Born in America and now loved worldwide”


“A New Way to Shape”

Shapellx is an e-commerce group that builds direct-to-consumer global brands powered by meaningful purposes. Through our brands, we deliver wow-worthy experiences that empower millions of people in the US and worldwide, lighting up movements and communities that transform entire industries. We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies, and innovation. We have over 400 employees working around the world, connected by the same purpose and core values.

Our brand——Shapellx is one of the fastest-growing shapewear direct-to-consumer brand in the US. We offer curated styles that make women look and feel confident in their own skin. We aim to build movements around confidence, body positivity message and women empowerment and change the shapewear industry.

The Four Collections Of Shapellx

The Shapellx Gal

She’s glowing from within and feels comfortable and confident in her own skin.
She’s doing power walks outside or kicks it hard in the gym.
She runs errands. She’s in the boardroom, smashing the glass ceiling. She’s just given birth to a little, sweet angel. And while she’s in her postpartum phase, she’s still doing one thousand things during her day. She wants to feel supported in every step of her journey.

And we’re here to do JUST that.

“Feel vibrant, serene and relaxed everyday, wearing clothing you know fits who you are, naturally.”

Design & Real Size Fit

Our thorough design and manufacturing process requires each piece to be fitted on real women with different body types. This ensures ultimate comfort while sculpting and highlighting your feminine shape. Nothing short of perfect leaves our design studio. 

We obsess over sourcing high quality fabrics and examine every detail, so anything you put on your body feels ahhh-mazing and has great quality.

We make effective, yet beautiful shapewear by collaborating with fashion designers that understand the anatomy of the female body. Because we don’t just size it up, but consider the intricacies of each size to achieve the perfect fit.

We use sustainable, durable fabrics for comfort and support that leave you feeling sexy and confident. We’re transitioning into using fully sustainable & eco-friendly materials. So, anything we make, aligns with our sustainable goals:

Good on your body & good for the planet.