How To Stay Motivated While You’re Waist Training

How To Stay Motivated While You’re Waist Training

Waist trainers are defined as “high-compression shaping garments” that are typically worn around the abdomen. They’re meant to cinch your waistline, flatten your stomach, and supplement your fitness goals through repetitive wear. 

They work for any body shape structure and can be added to any fitness routine that you have going. 

Waist training can make for a very effective workout and—in some cases—may “reshape” your body to give you a dramatic hourglass shape over periods of time. 

But don’t make the mistake of thinking waist training is a cakewalk. Wearing a waist trainer for 8 to 12 hours a day can be tougher than you think. Just like sticking to a proper diet and regular exercise, waist training requires commitment and motivation, along with a proper waist training routine. Otherwise, you won’t see results.

Here are our top ten tips for staying motivated on your waist training journey to get the waist size you dream of. 

Start Slow

Remember the tortoise; slow and steady wins the (proverbial) race. In this case, gradually getting used to waist training – instead of jumping straight into the deep end – is the best way to stick to it, long-term. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. For an effective training - "going slow" is the key rule. 

For your first time wearing a waist trainer, don’t try to wear it for 8 to 10 hours in a day. It’s not realistic, it requires a lot of willpower, and you’re probably going to feel uncomfortable the whole time—even if the garment is perfectly matched to your size and preference. 

We know, dreaming of a slim waist can get us very ambitious and you may want to even try different types of waist trainers at once. But, trust us on this one - slow and steady will get you there faster - than super ambitious steps from the beginning. 

Instead, aim for two to three hours on the first day. As you get used to the feeling, slowly increase the time by increments. 30 extra minutes on the third day, for example. A full extra hour by the eight. You'll see your goals getting closer in small, but sure steps soon after. 

Long-term sustainable training is all about gradually building tolerance and properly listening to your body throughout the process in your waist slimming journey. 

Supplement With a Healthy Lifestyle

One way to speed up results is with proper nutrition and consistent exercise—especially if you’re aiming for a trimmer, slimmer waistline! Waist training can help mould and shape your waist, but a clean diet and physical activity can help with overall fat reduction and weight loss, making you look smaller and leaner in general. There are plenty of waist trainers out there (like this NeoSweat® Neoprene Waist Shaper) that are designed specifically for cardio exercises! 

Buy Different Styles to Keep Things Interesting

Yes, waist trainers all follow a pretty standard, set design. But wearing the same thing, day in and day out can be boring—even if you only see it under your clothes! It would be like having 15 sets of the same exact underwear; colour, brand, cut, and all. Practical, but bland. Spice it up by choosing different colours and different designs and your progress will get faster.

This NeoSweat® Waist Cincher in basic black, for instance, and is super dependable. It can be your go-to piece. But for exercising, try the NeoSweat® Double Power Waist Trainer in rose-red or the NeoSweat® Sauna Girdle to up your sweat and really maximise results. Variety will keep you from losing interest right away. 

NeoSweat® Double Power Waist Trainer

Always Choose the Right Size

Of course, if you’re planning to buy several waist trainers, always choose the right size for you. Waist trainers that are too big won’t give you results, while trainers that are too small can be incredibly uncomfortable (to the point of restrictive and painful). Always take your measurements and match them against size guides and charts for an optimal fit. All body types are can get a matching waist trainer.

And when in doubt, ask a brand representative.

Get an Accountability Buddy

While some of us are fine with keeping ourselves accountable, others need a steady, active presence to keep them in line. If you’re the latter, recruiting a friend, loved one, or fellow training buddy to help you track your progress is a good way to stay committed. It’s easy for us to talk ourselves out of doing something; it’s a lot harder to convince someone else.

Invest in Quality

Low-quality corsets are often made of cheap, flimsy material. These fabrics are either too stiff to properly compress (and will restrict your blood flow) your body or too weak that they lose all compressive properties after several washes and wears. They may also lack the proper steel boning and supplementary fabric panels needed to provide support and structure to the garment. 

What you’re left with is simply a swathe of semi-elastic cloth that won’t give you the results you’re looking for. 

Lack of results can be very, very discouraging. 

Ergo, we highly recommend you invest in high-quality shapewear with firm compression, that is capable of supporting you for a significantly long period of time. 

Take the NeoSweat® Sweat Vest, for instance. It has seven steel bones for structure and posture correction and is made of 100% heavy-duty neoprene for durability, long-lasting flexibility and maximum compression.

Set Simple, Realistic Goals

Remember that all bodies are different and that your results will depend on a number of factors beyond your control (i.e., genetics, basal metabolic rate, etc.). The best way to stay motivated and avoid frustration during your waist training journey is to set simple, realistic goals. 

A waist training plan shall always take all those factors into account, and not follow only the general advice. 


Women could lose anywhere from an eighth of an inch to half an inch in a month (or more) depending on their situation. Take your current body and lifestyle into mind before setting your measurement goals. 

Take it one step at a time and, if need be, consult a professional. 

Take Progress Photos

We see our body every day, so it’s impossible to visibly track how far we’ve come without having a starting point for comparison. Take a picture of your body (same outfit) every week. You might not see the changes at first but, in time, as you go over the photos, you’ll definitely pick up on the subtle differences. And those can feel quite rewarding.  That will also increase your dedication to waist training - by noticing the small, gradual changes - that will become long lasting results. 

Celebrate Your Wins

Set up a little rewards system to keep yourself positively motivated. Small victories, when savoured, can be incredibly gratifying. Finally managed to wear it for 6 hours straight? Treat yourself to a satisfying mani-pedi. 

Managed a full hour’s walk without taking it off? Buy yourself that expensive body butter you’ve been eyeing. Finally hooked the second row? Full facial treatment, girl! 

Give Yourself Breaks

Yes, consistency is key to long-lasting results. But you’re allowed to rest! If you feel you need a day or two off waist training, give it to yourself. Don’t force yourself to “play through the pain.” That sort of rough mentality can be incredibly discouraging (sometimes to the point of being detrimental).

At the end of the day, it’s important to listen to your body. Waist trainers are wonderful inventions that, when used properly, can give you a beautiful, shapely physique. But you have to put forth the work, too. Best of luck, and we hope you found these ten tips helpful on your waist-training journey!

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