New Revolution- Sustainable Bodysuit You’ll Want to Live In

New Revolution- Sustainable Bodysuit You’ll Want to Live In

Shapellx is keen on bringing a revolution in the undergarments industry by making more eco-friendly choices. Read on to find our sustainable bodysuit options for you.

Shapellx shapewear empowers women and encourage them to be their true selves. All women are unique in their own ways and deserve to feel and look their best. So we’re here to provide you with an opportunity to express yourself.

Besides helping women express their unique beauty, Shapellx aims to transform the shapewear industry in a number of ways. We are designing body shapers for women of all body shapes and sizes, so they can look their best and feel comfortable simultaneously. But that is not all, Shapellx also wants to decrease the environmental damage caused by the garment industry.

Creating Sustainable Women's Bodysuit

Our ultimate goal is to establish a bodysuit production system that operates without leaving a negative footprint.

We are keen on driving the undergarment industry towards eco-friendliness. By choosing our products, women don’t just make a choice that benefits them but one that benefits the planet as well. We are dedicated to making you feel good from different aspects.

So, What Materials Do We Use?

In our Eco series, we use regular nylon, recycled nylon, and spandex to create comfortable bodysuits plus size, shorts, and other types of shapewear. One ton of the recycled nylon yarn we use helps cut down consumption of 1.1 tons of oil and 2.1 tons of water. Not to mention, it uses 440 kgce less energy while reducing carbon emissions by 5.7 tons.

Our manufacturing process also reduces fiber wastage that otherwise goes into manufacturing. We use pre-treatment granulation to generate high-speed spinning-grade chips. We use these chips in spinning to produce our shapewear to obtain regenerated yarns.

Besides environmental benefits, this process is also a much better option economically. The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) approves our sustainable women's bodysuits made with recycled nylon as they're up to the industrial and national standards.

Our Sustainable and Comfortable Bodysuits

Here are our best sustainable products that accentuate your curves and feel exceptionally comfortable simultaneously.

PowerConceal Eco Seamless Shaper

Our PowerConceal Eco Seamless Shaper is an open-bust bodysuit to give your chest area a lifting effect. It also helps smooth out cellulite and flabby pockets of fat on your belly or back. It has a seamless design ensures your body looks its best no matter what you wear.

What’s more, this PowerConceal Shaper has an anti-roll lining to ensure the sustainable bodysuit stays in place all day long. The adjustable straps and overlapping crotch design promise maximum comfort and convenience. Plus, you can remove the straps, making it an ideal shapewear choice for most dresses.

New Revolution- Sustainable Bodysuit You’ll Want to Live In

PowerConceal Eco Seamless High-Waisted Shaper

PowerConceal Eco Seamless High-Waisted Shaper is another open-bust shapewear option for women who want to highlight and accentuate their breasts. You can pick a bra from our collection to pair with this singlet. Besides, it helps accentuate your waistline for a flattering silhouette.

Not to mention, the open-bust design offers versatility allowing you to wear the bodysuit with different necklines. The convenience of removing straps further enhances versatility and flexibility. It helps smooth out your thighs, hips, and tummy while ensuring comfort. The sustainable women's bodysuit has a soft buttery touch that leaves no chance for discomfort.

New Revolution- Sustainable Bodysuit You’ll Want to Live In

PowerConceal Essentials Eco Body Shaper Boyshort

PowerConceal Essentials Eco Body Shaper Boyshort is one of our most versatile options when it comes to sustainable bodysuits. This one features a boy-short design that makes it excellent for short and long dresses. The seamless construction ensures that it becomes invisible no matter what you wear.

It supports all sorts of outfits from dresses and skirts to blouses and t-shirts. Talking about versatility, let’s not forget the open-bust style. You can choose a bra based on the outfit you’ll wear. If you’re lounging, a non-padded one should work, whereas you’ll want to wear a balconette-style bra for sexy cleavage.

The open-bust design gives a flattering lifted effect, while the cut of the boyshorts helps contour your butt curves. The body shaper helps hold in your core while accentuating your curves to give you a flattering silhouette. It makes the ideal shapewear choice for everyday and occasional wear. 

New Revolution- Sustainable Bodysuit You’ll Want to Live In

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