Should you Wear Shapewear Regularly - The hidden functional Benefits of shapewear

Should you Wear Shapewear Regularly - The hidden functional Benefits of shapewear

Most of us, when we think about shapewear, we think of it in the context of body sculpting and / or special occasions like a wedding day. Bought a body-hugging white dress? Time to get the tummy tucker out for a sleeker silhouette. Want that perfectly peachy look? Let's go hunt for a butt-lifter. 

Shapewear helps us get that perfect silhouette. Yes. But, it also provides us with a lot of functional benefits that most of our beloved shapewear is hardly known for.

Let's look at some of the more health-related reasons to start thinking about shapewear as a staple, outside of special events.

Posture Correction

There is an AI cushion that vibrates when you sit in the wrong posture. For something as basic as sitting, we are now relying on artificial intelligence. And rightly so.

We work long hours at our desk where we sit bent, after which we just want to slouch on our sofa. Even while we sleep, we often don't regard the most ideal posture.

Over time, our incorrect posture has some serious consequences. 

*Joint pains: Have you ever wondered why is it common to start having lower back pain or shoulder pain as we get older? Even for people who are quite fit and live a healthy lifestyle - It comes down to incorrect posture. 

It starts with an innocent pain. But can snowball into chronic conditions like carpal tunnel, disc protrusion, spondylosis.

The good part, however, is that most of these are reversible issues. No credits for guessing how. 

*Stomach problems: When you slouch on your chair or your sofa, you squeeze your organs. You do not feel the squeeze, but the squeeze causes issues. Stomach ache, IBS, constipation, are some of the common symptoms of this squeeze. 

*Varicose Veins: The wrong posture sometimes restricts your blood flow when you are sitting incorrectly for hours. It causes blood to collect in your veins for long periods. This results in a condition called Varicose Veins. 

Reduced productivity, increased risk of diseases and stress. These are just some of the negative results of bad posture over time. While this sounds dramatic for something so basic, studies and stats have proven to be worse.

Shapewear to the rescue:

A good shapewear has a typical elasticity. This provides uniform compression and supports your back. It takes the load off a bit. Further, it also keeps you straight and firm by restricting some of your movements. For instance, it is not very easy to bend forward when you wear your waist trainer. You are by default upright and have a good posture - EFFORTLESSLY. The actual compression brings much more to the table than just tucking in your tummy. 

Whether you are sitting, walking, running, the waist trainers help your posture in a great way. When it becomes your regular shapewear, so does your correct posture. 

Image: Waist Trainer

Menstrual cramps reliever

Who among us has not gone through the dreadful period cramps?

We must have tried every trick in the bag from yoga to walking to green tea to heating pads...and more.

What if we told you there was yet another effective method?

It is the tummy tucking shapewear.

Shapewear to rescue:

For anyone who has ever worn this garment, knows that it compresses a bit. This slight compression puts pressure on our midsection (including the peritoneal organs). This additional pressure helps the uterine contractions and relieves cramp pain. Some shapewear pieces offer that exact mild compression at the cross roads of slight pressure, without affecting the blood flow or the body movements. 

Image: Tummy Tucker

Workout Support

Cotton is a lighter and more breathable fabric. Yet, our gym wear is usually made of nylon and spandex. Why?

It is not just for elasticity, but also for compression.

Just like gym wear, shapewear is made of similar fabrics for compression. But, they have different proportions of nylon and spandex to ensure a higher compression.

This compression helps when you work out. Its function is similar to that of compression socks. How?

Shapewear to rescue:

The compression from your shapewear supports your veins. This prevents blood pooling when you workout and helps prevent vein thrombosis.

That's not even it. Some smaller-scale studies prove the benefits of shapewear even after a workout. The studies claim reduced soreness, lesser fatigue as some other medical benefits.

Not to forget, shapewear, due to its fit and fabric, makes you sweat in the coverage area. This is yet another added reason to include the garment during and after your workouts.

Weight Loss Aid

Does shapewear help you lose weight? This is one of the most Googled questions about Shapewear. Yet, we do not have a definitive answer.

Yes or no will depend on which research you read or which article ranked higher. What we do know for sure is that shapewear supports your weight loss efforts.

Shapewear to rescue:

Firstly, shapewear helps you maintain your diet. It is the opposite of the big pajamas you wear for a big mea where unwanted pressure is not welcomed. The compression from the shapewear makes you feel tight. As a result, you do not challenge your appetite and eat adequate portions, while also keeping your core muscles engaged.

Secondly, waist trainers and bodysuits are snug and made of thick fabrics. This makes the coverage area warm and sweaty. This is not fat burning per se, but sweating extra definitely burns some calories in the aftermath.

An effortless diet and an extra burn are good enough reasons to don your shapewear.

A small step to a healthier lifestyle

These are only some of the many functional benefits of shapewear that can contribute to women's health. Based on your body needs, they can expand into other areas as well, while not forgetting the correct size pick. They help with liposuction recovery, postpartum, abdominal surgery, and the likes.

Now you can see how this it is not just a good-to-have but a must-have wardrobe essential in your compression garments collection. 

It could get a bit tricky to find the right shapewear for the right benefit. The fabric, coverage, compression role - they all play their own part. The easiest trick is to rely on a good brand that designs with not just aesthetic, but also functional benefits in mind. Check our best shapewear to help you choose the right shapewear for you needs and with the functional benefits you're after. 

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