Choose the Best Plus Sized Swim Suit for You

Choose the Best Plus Sized Swim Suit for You

If you think that Plus Sized Swimsuits don’t offer enough variety to meet your style needs, keep reading to learn more. This article will help you find the best swimsuit for your plus-sized body.

Everyone is born in different shapes and sizes, and that shouldn’t stop you from loving yourself and enjoying swimsuit season by the pool. If you think that there aren’t many plus-sized swimsuit options, you’re wrong. Here’s how you can choose the best plus-sized swimsuit for you.

Know your Size

For starters, you should know your exact size. This way, you can narrow down a style of swimsuit that will fit you. For this, you need to measure your chest size, upper waist size, lower waist size, belly size, and bum size. Be sure of your sizes before visiting any store to buy a swimsuit for yourself.

Know which Color Suits You

As a plus-size woman, it’s important to know what colors look best on you. To make sure that your swimsuit accentuates your figure, pick between nude shades or dark shades. Of course, some colors will compliment your skin color as well, so pick one accordingly. Knowing this will help you pick the best plus-sized swimsuit that looks good on you and helps you stand out from the rest.

Now that you understand which size of a swimsuit you need and which color will suit you, we can move on to the different beautiful plus-sized swimsuit styles available.

Choose the Best Plus Sized Swim Suit for You

Printed Swimsuits

Swimsuits come in a wide range of prints according to each body type and style. There are different kinds of prints available in the market for swimsuits. You can choose between check prints, lined prints, floral prints, vintage prints, and even animal prints. A beautiful Shapellx Asymmetrical Print Shaping Swimsuit is worth a try and should be in your closet.

Tummy Control Swimsuits

These are the kind of swimsuits that tuck in your tummy bulge, giving you a slimmer appearance, so you look good in all the right places. Additionally, it accentuates the waist to take the attention away from your tummy and towards your luscious curves. It will also provide your curves with some extra comfort and support, which other swimsuits don’t. Tummy Control Swim Suits also come in various designs and neck styles. Such as Shapellx V-neck Tummy Control Swimsuit has an elegant V-neck, along with tummy control for a gorgeous figure.

Choose the Best Plus Sized Swim Suit for You

Adjustable Swimsuit

How easy would it be if we could adjust every piece of clothing according to our size and comfort? Well, it turns out that adjustable swimsuits do offer you the convenience to do so. They are specially designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease. You don’t have to worry about feeling suffocated and restrained in this swimsuit as you do in others.

You can adjust the straps, the waist size, and the bra size, all according to your needs. Shapellx’s Adjustable Back Crossover Swimsuit is a sexy design that combines comfort with style so you can feel ready for summer.

Choose the Best Plus Sized Swim Suit for You

Sporty Swimsuits

If you just want to go for a swim and are in need of a no-nonsense swimsuit, you’ll enjoy the styles in this category. With a sporty swimsuit, you’ll get durability combined with an athletic style. So whether you want to play volleyball at the beach, try surfing, or just relax on the beach, this is the right pick. 

Bra Sized Swimsuits

Bra-sized swimsuits are 2 piece swimsuits. You can get hold of your perfect size through your bra size only. This type has all kinds of sizes available such as cup size, waist size, and length size. Bra size swimsuits are minimalist, simple, and don’t need a lot of work to choose from. The added benefit is that they can make anyone look sexy and alluring.

This particular style comes in all kinds of prints, so ladies can buy according to their preference and choice. Most swimsuits have adjustable straps to meet the customer’s requirement of comfort level while providing maximum support to the chest.  

Although these swimsuits come in pairs, you can style tops with different bottoms. For instance, pair a printed top with a solid print bottom, or go for a light and dark contrast. You can even be playful with colors when choosing these sets to express your personal style.


We hope this article helped you find the best swimsuit for your plus-sized body. We understand every person is beautiful and every size should be loved. If you also think the same way, visit us at @shapellxofficial to buy beautiful plus-sized shapewear for yourself or your loved ones. We have a wide variety of different kinds of swimsuits and lingerie available.

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