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Plus & Shape

Compression that flatters Collection
The go-to line for body shaping solutions for women of all sizes.
The Plus & Shape Collection is 2-in-1: A Confidence Booster & Your Own Superpower. 
It features handy undergarments that will shape you in all the right places with various compression levels.
It will sculpt, contour, and control your tummy, hips and thighs and lift your butt and breasts like a second skin.
It shaves off inches in minutes and gets you snug for evening dresses or your everyday workwear, with a seamless base that’ll hold its fit all day long.
It’ll make you look slimmer. Everywhere. It’ll lift and firm your body in all the right places, without anyone knowing what you’ve got underneath.
Get smooth lines, without bulges. Forget what a muffin top looks or feels like, because what you wear is between you and your morning cup of coffee.