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Shapellx Before and After

Are you new to shapewear? If yes, it's a good time to learn more about it now to get started in loving yourself even more! Shapewear is an undergarment that you can use to shape your body, making you look slim and sexy. Every woman should own one piece of shapewear in her wardrobe. Wearing well-designed shapewear is an perfect way to make every outfit look good-fitting and curvy. When it comes to shapewear, it's essential to get the best. From this moment on, you can start enjoying benefit from wearing Shapellx shapewear, like look more beautiful,  boost confience, correct posture and motivate you move more and so on. The customer's reference for such a style of shapewear styles will follow the examination. To help you decide, we've compiled a selection of the  best shapewear for women that will you with your body shaping:

Airslim™ Collection Shapewear Top Picks

AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

Unique holidays, along with marriages and celebrations, occur out of nowhere, and if you've eaten far too many high-calorie food, you recognize you will need some shapewear to hide your tummy. Airslim™ tummy compression bodysuits shaper allows compression in your belly and stabilizes your midsection for a flexible, flattering silhouette.

Shapellx before and after

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This body shaper will be a game-changer for your weight loss or fitness plans. Some customers said they have a hard time dieting before because they can't discipline themselves from overeating, but with the help of this shapewear, it helps them control and watch what they eat.

 It also has a 3-layer of abdominal compression to flatten your tummy and to smoothen your love handles. Its removable straps make it worthwhile for any clothing, making it so worth it to get! What you need is to buy this type of shapewear to fit the needs of your daily looks!

best tummy control shapewear for women


> Creates a smooth and seamless look without lines
> Three layers of abdominal compression design strengthens tummy control
> Butt lifter design
> Daily-use-friendly design -- Zipper crotch is convenient to go to the bathroom
> Anti-rolling silicone strips on edge. No rolling and no thigh imprints
> Keep your silhouette smooth; Sculpt & lift the backside for a shapely look
> And many other features, there is no way you can resist our AirSlim Bodyshaper.

Shapellx shapewear Before and After

Shapellx before and after

AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper

Do you want to slip yourself into a smaller size and looked curved? Try this ful lbody shaper on, and it will make you look perfect in your clothing. How? 

best body shaper for women

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Simply by providing you a firm tummy control that smoothens your fats, making you look sexy and curvy. You can wear this shapewear all day. It is skin-friendly and soft, making it feel breathable and comfortable to wear.  You don't have to worry about the shapewear showing because it will look invisible under your clothes. You can wear it on any occasion and season.

It's willing to put on a low-cut dress whether you're wearing this for a formal occasion. This extra-firm regulation AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper compression in your belly and stabilizes your midsection for a flexible, flattering silhouette.


> Reverse zipper design for invisible under tight clothes
> Crotch buckle design makes it convenient to use the restroom
> Adjustable shoulder straps offering comfort and flexibility
> Chest pressing dies, suitable for a variety of chest sizes
> It helps to balance the torso while highlighting the S curve.

AirSlim™ Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear   

 best shapewear with removable pads

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Have you ever dreamed of having plump and sexy booty? we have got you covered, this shapewearwill enhance your buttcock, thanks to the removable foam pads. It will also give you a thigh trimming action to achieve an hourglass body figure look. 


> You can fulfill your requirements with removable groin and bum pads. 
> If you got hip dips and if you are just bothered, getting a pair of padded shapewear will fill them in round out your hips.

NeoSweat™ Collection Best Sellers

Are you the type of person who likes going to the gym or doing some outdoor exercise? Try a waist and thigh trainer while working out because it will enhance your training to the next level. How? By helping you burn more calories and making you sweatier. It will also help you correct your posture when doing a lifting workout. Here are the hottest waist trainer for women you can wear to improve your exercise.

 3 in 1 waist and thigh trainer for women

NeoSweat™ Exclusive 3-In-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer Butt Lifter

This 3-in-1 waist trainer that will give you a thigh trimming action that reduces your thighs' size and a butt-lifting effect that will prevent your booty from sagging. Wearing it during a workout will provide you a thermogenic effect on your abdomen section, making you shed water weight and sweatier, resulting in releasing toxins out of your body.

 3 in 1 waist and thigh trainer by Shapellx

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Throughout the workout, the Shapellx well-designed thigh trimmer will raise thigh warmth and humidity. To protect the body, identify the correct shapewear and an advanced thighs trimmer—one of the best waist trainers for women to date.  

A unique combination of a leg trimmer and perhaps a lower waist trimmer. Exceptional Efficiency: Extra-thick, high qualityfabric improves thermogenesis action, causing you to sweat again and get shaped!

 Shapellx waist and thigh trainer


> The neoprene material is easy to wear while exercising and, therefore, can maintain you warm while keeping your belly warm.
> It has an engraved layout, non-slip nylon mesh, smooth against all the surfaces for outstanding comfort during any operation.
> The high waist style offers tailored stability because you can warm your waist and thighs while still raising your hips.
> Just wrap-around the waistband with a removable cover belt for high compression protection and ease of use.
> Adjust straps for a snug fit

Shapellx waist trainer before and after

Shapellx waist and thigh trainer before and after

NeoSweat™ 3 in 1 Tie Dye Workout Mix

If you're a fashionable and stylish person, this is an ideal waist trainer for you. Because it has a unique tie dye style available in many colors, wearing this in the gym will surely make you stand out. Wearing this while working out will reduce your arm's size because of its armband and give you a thigh trimming action, reducing your thigh size. It also has a double belt that provides you a long-lasting waist-cinching effect that helps you eliminate bulges and belly fats. The benefit of wearing this every day will give you back support that corrects your posture, reducing back pains and soreness.

 tie dye workout waist and thigh trainer

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> This product compresses and tones the muscles while also strengthening balance.
> It has an extendable sticker style, allowing you to modify the size according to your own size
> The pocket style can be featured on a range of smartphones of varying screen sizes.
> The Neoprene lining keeps the arm muscles warm and sweaty.
> Exclusive tie dye color print make it can go with your outfits perfect in the gym.
> Measurements are standard—waist and thigh belts with elastic Velcro loops that are textured and versatile.
> They are designed to fit snugly yet comfortably throughout any exercise.

When would you use these Neosweat ™ equipment?  

- While cycling or whenever running.
- Sailing.
- Workout
- Doing chores
- Lounging at home
+ And much more.

 best waist and thigh trainer

NeoSweat™ 3 in 1 Tie Dye Workout Mix 

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Shapellx?

Did you know that wearing these body shapers has a lot of perks and benefits? Yes, because no one knows shapewear as Shapellx does. They make sure you will feel comfortable and give your body a lot of benefits wearing Shapellx product. Here are some amazing perks and benefits after using these product

best shapewear for women  by Shapellx

1. Positive Results

We don't want to waste our money on something that will not help us. That's why it's essential to get the best-quality of shapewear. It will bring you positive results on your weight loss because it will help you with your diet. It will also boost your confidence to wear any clothing because you will look fit thanks to the 3-layer design on the abdomen area of flattening your tummy and smoothening your back fats.  

2. Correct your Posture

Did you know that having a poor posture can lead to severe complications? Like back pain, poor sleep, disrupted digestion and many more. That's why it's vital to take care of your posture. But what if you already have a poor posture? Don't worry because wearing shapewear or waist trainer can help correct your posture because of the back support to reduce back pain and soreness.

3. Boost your Self-esteem

If you're losing your confidence because of belly fats. Shapewear will help you boost your self-esteem because of its shaping effect and thigh trimming action that will make you look like an hourglass figure. It will also flatten your tummy and hide your belly fat and bulges. This high-quality body shaper is affordable so that every woman can look sexy and confident.  

4. Motivates you to Workout More 

Now that we know waist trainers can improve our workouts result. You will feel more motivated to achieve your weight loss because wearing a waist trainer can show your exercise's positive results faster. You can also wear waist trainers even when you're not working out that give you firm compression all day to help you have a disciplined diet.   

5. Recover Faster

Have you undergo any surgery or give birth recently? If yes, wearing shapewear will help you recover faster because of its compression garment that holds your skin and reduces the scar and bruises from your surgery. You also don't need to worry about skin irritation or discomfort because body shaper by Shapellx is skin-friendly and soft to the skin, making it feel breathable and comfortable to wear.

6. Reduce Muscle Pain

As we work out, we can't help it, but certain areas in our bodies feel muscle pain due to our intense workouts. Did you know wearing a compression garment like Shapellx shapewear can reduce muscle pain? Yes, it will also help with your blood circulation. You don't have to worry about sweating because this full-bodysuit is moist-wicking.

7. Releases Toxins 

Wearing waist trainer will help you release toxins out of your body thank to the thermogenic activity in the abdomen area, making you sweat and shed water weight for your weight loss. It will also improve your workout, helping you eliminate those unwanted fats and burn more calories.

8. Disciplined Diet Plan

Most women struggle sticking in with their diets because of those tempting foods that make us overeat. Thanks to shapewear waist traiiner, you can now be committed to your diet. It will provide you firm tummy control that will discipline you from overeating by making you feel full even though you only ate a bit of the food.

Start achieving your weight loss goals now with these exclusive products that will make you look good in any outfit. You can get all these at Shapellx official. We offer you the best shaping products that are comfortable to wear and will bring you positive results. Shapellx shapewear is of high quality but affordable. What are you waiting for? Start achieving your fitness goals now.