A Cool Change: Our Warmest Winter-Loving Shapewear Styles (& What To Wear With Them)

A Cool Change: Our Warmest Winter-Loving Shapewear Styles (& What To Wear With Them)

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It may be the season of bundling up beneath shapeless joggers and puffy jackets two sizes too big. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean putting your shapewear away. If anything, the lower temperatures should be encouraging you to take your shaper garments out. Because, believe it or not, they can do more than snatch waistlines and smooth out silhouettes.  

There are plenty of elevated shapewear styles that can add a layer or two of warmth beneath your ensemble. 

Take a look at our seven picks below for the colder months. 

CoreSculptExtreme Body Shaper

Bodysuit shapers are arguably the best kind of shaper garments to wear during the cold weather of the winter months, due to the all-over coverage they provide. Think thermal undies and thermal suits; they cover the full length of your arms, legs, and torso. This extreme body shaper covers down to the lower thigh and covers up to the mid-forearm, keeping you snug and sculpted in those areas.  

The fabric of the CoreSculpt series is typically made to be comfortable and breathable to allow for full-day wear. However, this piece can still provide a layer of insulation when paired with thick fabrics or multiple layers of clothing. Think comfortable shapewear fit and an extra warm layer, 2-in-1 combo. 

CoreSculpt™ Extreme Body Shaper


Wear With: cable knit sweaters, cosy jumpers, tight leggings or fleece pants

CoreSculpt™ Full-Coverage Bodysuit with Side Zipper

 Just like the Extreme Body Shaper from the same series, this full-coverage bodysuit offers a decent amount of insulation and skin protection in lower temperatures. It may be a sleeveless little number, but the strong elasticity of the reinforced compressive fabric adds quite a bit of warmth to the areas that the shaper garment does cover (i.e., the whole abdomen, hips, and upper thighs). So, on top of a figure enhancing shapewear, you're adding a comfy warm layer.  

The high compression around the abdomen also helps keep your core warm, which – in turn – better regulates your body heat. And if the lack of sleeves bothers you, you can always just shrug on a pair of your favourite arm warmers. Choose your perfect fit and adjust it to your waist circumference and get the benefit of a compression garment to fit your cool outfits in winter.  

Wear With: warm short-sleeved shirts, cosy jumpers, dresses (in the event of a special occasion), square pants, mom jeans

CoreSculpt™ Back Support Posture Corrector Arm Slimmer

This piece keeps you warm and toasty while correcting your posture. How cool is that? Seriously, this back support and arm slimmer garment from the CoreSculpt series is an incredible three-for-one deal. The three-quarters sleeves offer targeted compression to help control the dreaded Bingo! wings (also known as bat wings or just flabby arms). Your favorite outfits will sit impeccable during the most cold weather months as well.  

The same targeted compression in the chest pulls your shoulders back and flattens out your upper back—a system that has proven to be incredibly supportive for the entire upper torso. Lastly, the highly elastic material adds an extra layer of insulation beneath clothes without compromising comfort and breathability. 

Wear With: cable knit sweaters, cosy jumpers, body-con turtleneck sweaters

NeoSweat® Sauna Girdle for Women

If you really want to keep your core warm or you’d like to shed a few inches off your belly and waist, this sauna girdle can help keep your temperature high long after you’ve stopped exercising! It uses a heat-trapping polymer fabric that boosts your body’s natural heat. This, in turn, triggers your systems to start sweating as you perform physical activities. Women usually wear sauna girdles during workouts, but you can definitely slip this one on beneath a curves-hugging, body-con outfit to help emphasize your silhouette, and get the effects of burning of waist fat as an extra benefit.

As with all our pieces, this sauna girdle doesn’t compromise movement or breathability either. You can easily wear this favourite workout waist trainer the whole day with minimal, barely-noticeable discomfort.

Wear With: body-con jumpers, tight sweaters, heavy knit turtleneck dresses, fleece pants, high-waist jeans.

AirSlim® ElasticFuse Waistband Shaping Leggings

Why not pair your sauna girdle with a pair of cosy, leg-slimming, tummy-controlling leggings? This pair from NeoSweat is made of double-duty, highly elastic fabric that stretches to hug your curves and sculpt your body lines—specifically your hips, calves, and thighs. The all-over compression of this shaper garment helps create the illusion of tighter, slender, more toned legs. 

Plus, you won’t need to wear it under slacks or jogging pants. It’s a standalone piece that’s fashionable enough to pass as regular, dependable black leggings. Rock it with a loose top or cute short dress and you’ve got an outfit that’s winter mag ready!

Wear With: loose jumpers, cable-knit sweaters, skater dresses, dress shirts

AirSlim® Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

Winter usually means bundling up in big, poofy jackets, shapeless jumpers, and thick pants. However, for those times when you want to look just a little more snatched – winterwear notwithstanding – then this full-body shapewear is perfect. It covers your entire torso and ends at mid-thigh, providing just enough coverage to keep those areas insulated. The nylon-spandex blend is comfortable, smooth, and skin-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about chafing or discomfort beneath bulky clothes. 

Do take note that this bodysuit shaper is one of the lighter ones on this list. We highly recommend pairing it with clothes made of thick, woolly material. 

Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

Wear With: cable knit sweaters, thick jumpers, fleece pants, thermal jackets

CoreSculpt™ Extra Shaper Bodysuit

Rounding out this list is another full-body shaper suit. As with the other pieces in the CoreSculpt range, this bodysuit shaper tightens, flattens, and compresses the torso, back, and upper thighs. It’s a little more heavy-duty than the other pieces on this list, which makes it one of the warmer ones for sure (despite not having sleeves).  

It also offers incredible control and support around the bust, bottom, and lower abdomen. Definitely ideal for post-surgery recovery and/or adding an extra layer of insulation beneath cute outfits. 

Because, hey; just because you’re hiding beneath multiple layers doesn’t mean you can’t trim, sweat, and squeeze your body into shape.

Wear With: cosy jumpers, body-con jumpers, body-con turtleneck sweaters, body-con knit dresses, skinny jeans

Shapewear doesn’t just tuck, trim, or flatten you out. They can also act as thermal garments or extra layers of protection against biting cold temperatures. It never hurts to have too many layers during fall and winter, after all. Plus, you get to look extra snatched. 

With that said – and with the holidays (and holiday parties) just around the corner –it may be worth investing in some of the pieces we’ve mentioned above.

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