10 Ways To Beat The Body Blahs: We All Have Blah Days, Here’s How To Tackle Them

10 Ways To Beat The Body Blahs: We All Have Blah Days, Here’s How To Tackle Them

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Sometimes, we strut down the sidewalk like it’s our own personal catwalk. Sometimes, we enter a room with our chest out and our head held high and a body confidence ready to rock any outfit. Sometimes, we look damn good, and we know it.

Other times?

Not so much, unfortunately. A bad body image day (even if it's just inside our head) can overspill into anything we have planned for that day. 

We all have days where we feel pretty unhappy with our bodies. It’s human nature to always want something more, after all. But if you find yourself stuck in that self-deprecating state, bad mood and all you want is a sad song on repeat - here are ten things you can do to pull yourself out of that mental (and emotional) trap. 

A mood booster lineup of the most effective remedies to scare away those bad feelings.

Drink More Water

We’re sure you’re probably tired of the whole “stay hydrated!” propaganda, but it’s true! Sometimes we feel lethargic, unmotivated, and completely trapped in ennui because we’re just not drinking enough water. 

 In terms of appearance, lack of hydration can result in dry, tired-looking skin. Hydrated skin is often plump, bouncy, and glowing. 

Soak, Scents, and Sleep

If you aren’t feeling too hot about your body, a little TLC might be in order. On your next free day, fill your tub with pleasantly hot water, drop your favourite bath bomb, light some scented candles, and let yourself soak in silence and luxury for as long as you need to.

Meditate, scroll through your socials, read a book… do whatever you need to do to feel relaxed. Once that’s done, wrap yourself up, dress up in your comfiest pyjamas, and go to bed. 

Feeling better on the inside can help you feel better about the inside (and vice versa)! 

Wake up a Little Earlier

Waking up a little earlier means you get to spend an extra 15, 20 minutes on yourself, whether that means enjoying your breakfast, properly styling your hair, staying in the shower a little longer, or carefully choosing an outfit.  

Having the time to enjoy yourself – instead of rushing about – can do wonders for your perception. 

Invest in Luxurious Undergarments

Seeing your body in some beautiful, delicate new pieces – rather than the same old, same old – may spark joy and appreciation for your look. 

We all love comfortable cotton undies, but lingerie comes in a variety of materials! Lace, silk, sheer … go out and experiment a little! 

Invest in Quality Shapewear

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing wrong with shapewear. Women who wear it aren’t necessarily doing it to 'lie' about their body. Plenty of celebrities have been very forthcoming about using shapewear. The extra tucking, toning, smoothing, and lifting that shaper garments do to one’s body can be incredibly salubrious for one’s confidence.

Want to enhance your hourglass figure? Try something like this PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass. Want your booty and hips to pop? Fits like the CoreSculpt™ Extra Pop Ultra Body Shaper can do wonders for that area. Want to create a smooth, seamless silhouette? The AirSlim® Seamless Sculpt Mix will be an incredible addition to your collection. 



Take Photos of Yourself in Your New Undergarments/Shaper Garments

Again, seeing your body in something new might be exactly what you need to get out of the body blah funk. You’ve got some new undies. You’ve got a saucy new pair (or two) of shaper garments. Throw them on, stand in front of your mirror, and take flattering photos of your body. 

Wear an Outfit You’ve Always Wanted To

You know how some of us have Pinterest boards with hundreds of cute outfits pinned as inspiration for our own garb? A denim jacket that we think we could pull off with the right accessories? Or a gorgeous Bohemian dress that we know we’d look so cute in?

How long has it been since you last wore a cute, flattering outfit that you wanted to, just because you could? 

Pull out those pieces you’ve never worn or saved only for special occasions and dress to the nines! Who cares if you’re just staying indoors? 

 If you need a bit of a confidence booster, slide on some shapewear to keep you feeling your best. One-piece bodysuits like the CoreSculpt™ Full Coverage Firm Control Bodysuit with Thigh Slimmer are quick, easy options that provide maximum coverage and control. 

CoreSculpt™ Full Coverage Firm Control Bodysuit with Thigh Slimmer

Glam Up

You’re stuck at home. You aren’t feeling the best about your body, but you’ve decided to try on a new outfit. 

You know what would complement your fresh new ensemble? 

A full face of whatever makeup you choose. 

Glam, natural, glowy, super matte… whatever you feel the prettiest in. Do yourself up, fluff up your hair, and take selfies around the house. 

Remembering how gorgeous you look can bring back your appreciation for your body. 

Have a Photoshoot for Yourself

You’ve got a nice outfit on. Your makeup is on point. Your hair is perfect. What’s stopping you from simply photographing yourself looking like a million bucks? 

Answer: nothing. 

When we’re feeling apathetic or lousy about our body, some professional photos that capture us at our absolute best could be what we need to get out of that mindset. 

So slip on an awesome outfit, add a shaper garment for that extra confidence boost (like the CoreSculpt™ Tummy Control Full Body Shaper or the sexy CoreSculpt™ Lace Zipper Open Bust Bodyshort Shapwear), get your makeup done, and then whip that phone out. 

You don’t even need to post them. They can just be awesome, beautiful photos of you, for you.


Give In to Cravings (Not Just Food!)

Maybe the reason you aren’t feeling too hot about your body is that you’re too wrapped up in a routine. Your body might be craving something different. Maybe it’s something you’ve never done before or it’s something you don’t do often enough. 

Really listen to your body – emotionally, mentally, physically – and give in to whatever it wants you to do. 

Maybe you need to get out of the house for a weekend. Maybe you need to attend a couple swanky social gatherings and mingle. Or maybe you just want to curl up in bed, all comfy and cosy, and do nothing but binge snacks and Netflix.  

Whatever it is, give in! It might be just the thing you need to recharge. 

We all struggle with self-confidence, self-esteem and blah feelings. But that doesn’t mean we should let the negative feelings and emotions win out—especially when it comes to how we look. 

Rest assured, you look gorgeous. And if taking a three-hour bubble bath or dressing up in fancy clothes is what it’ll take to reassure you, then go for it!

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