New trend alert - wear shapewear as outerwear

New trend alert - wear shapewear as outerwear

The inner work of shapewear, that used to be hidden under our clothes, is taking a central role as the new outwear. This follows another trend, after our lingerie took a seat at the boardroom with lace-trimmed camisoles, layered under blazers. And even before that, when cute bralettes with mesh tops became a party hit.

Wearing innerwear as outerwear is the latest fashion fix that became more and more popular. It has it all. From compression to a perfect fit and look, along with the boost of confidence knowing that nothing will be sticking out or be out of place. So, all you have on your mind - is having a great time, without worrying about the outfit. Once on - it's a glove like fit - mirroring the best dressed list from your favourite celebrities.

Styling shapewear as outerwear is the perfect addition to your wardrobe style. What you'll love about it - is that the basic colors and forms of shapewear can help you style the same piece in more ways than one. The perfect sculpting look of the shapewear lets you pair it with any kind of fitting clothes. This opens your wardrobe to new styles, ideas, and perfect fits. From shapewear leggings to upper body shapewear and all the compression garments in between - you're in for a treat and a myriad of ideas – coming to you from our in-house body-sculpting expert.

Let’s jump into some inspiration right away. Take Kendall Jenner, that wore a unitard shapewear - which she styled with a simple pair of heels and a strap bag, for a simple elegant look.

If you add to a simple chic shapewear a skirt – you’re ready for a nice dinner out. Wear it with a blazer dress and you are set for a cocktail party. You could go on, and style this cute unitard for different occasions, playing with colors and accessorizing it, in a ton of variations.

We have selected some of the most versatile shapewear pieces and added styling tips from our in-house stylist on how to pair them up. Here are some ideas to help you bring out your shapewear with confidence:

AirSlim® Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

First in our list is the standard and simple body suit but with the sculpting feature to give a nice silhouette.

We particularly chose this one as the breathable mesh material of this shapewear lets you be comfortable all day long. You can wear it as a bodysuit and style it in 3 ways:

  • Pair it up with a buttoned-up denim skirt and heels and make it your weekend brunch outfit. The slimmer look from the body suit means you can wear it as a top with full confidence.
  • To give the body hugging suit a more balanced look, pair it up with trousers and an oversized blazer - and you have your semi-formal outfit for a workday or a date sorted.
  • For colder weather, you can also style it with a pair of denims/leather pants and a fitting jacket. Complete the look with a dangling necklace and you nailed the colder weather chic like a pro.

AirSlim® Lace Smooth Bodysuit

Your next idea is inspired by the bold looks coming from Gwen Stefani that loves using corsets as tops. 

Rocking corsets has gone on and out of fashion countless times. It’s time we add a bit of a twist to the traditional corset. 

The lacy look on this bodysuit adds a sexy look to your outfit. Further, the adjustable straps on the shoulders means you can wear it as spaghetti, Criss-cross or V-shaped depending on your look and changing it on the go!

  • Pair it with a mesh/net top and a nice pair of flared pants to give it that old party look with a modern touch. A totally Instagrammble outfit (remember all those party looks Paris Hilton gave us with her net tops).
  • You can don a fitting blazer with trousers, or a long skirt and you have your date look set. Modest yet sexy is the perfect date outfit combo.
  • You can also club it with a biker skirt and a cropped jacket for a stylish summery look

CoreSculpt™ Hourglass Full Body Shaper

How many times have we seen the Kardashian sisters rock the beige bodysuit or a dress and shied away from it?

We think now is the time you don the subtle color boldly! 

  • A boyfriend shirt, shaper as a top and bootleg jeans. And off you go with your sky-high heels for a basic day of shopping or a day with your girls. Extra tip: play with the beige color with monotone or pop colors.
  • Nothing but your shaper and skinny fit jeans. Jazz it up with jewelry and a belt for that chic look
  • You can put on a crop top and make a layered top with a pair of shorts, for a bit of a back to high-school look. 

PowerConceal™ Tummy Control & Butt Lifter

PowerConceal™ Tummy Control & Butt Lifter

Here is a chance to layer up and act creative. This piece not only helps with the curves, but also makes you look taller. This opens so many ways to style it up to your advantage!

  • Wear this over a full sleeved top and pair it with a mini skater skirt and you have your cute cheerleader style outfit!
  • This shaper will also jazz up a typical white shirt with blue jeans when worn over the shirt, under the jeans. Bring out your tanned ankle boots with the mix, to complete the look.

 NeoSweat® High Waist Shorts with Butt Lifter

When we think of biker shorts, we think Emily Ratajkowski. With her crop tops, oversized shirts and unitards, she knows how to style and pull off every single biker short look.

You can find similar shorts for your body type and style it in multiple ways.

These functional, comfortable, and cute looking shorts can be easily worn outside with the right pairing. You are literally losing weight while looking chic with this pair of shorts!

  • The shaper shorts can be worn as biker shorts and paired with a crop top and a shirt.
  • A long tie-dye shirt along with the shorts and a pair of white shoes will make for a perfect basic day outfit.
  • For a day out, club the shorts with a bodysuit and a long blazer. A body fitting inner layer and a well fitted outerwear blazer will make for a comfortable, yet a very stylish outfit

Trend to Norm

Over the years, shapewear has evolved. From the traditional tight corset, worn under the gowns, to the now more scientifically designed pieces - worn out with confidence and continuous compression. We're excited to see this “Outerwear as shapewear” trend become the norm. Even more so, to see these pieces help you feel confident and body positive, but also help your posture while looking all chic. Now that's the type of garments and base layers that we want to see more of - versatile, fitting and helping you exude confidence all the way. 

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