How to Calculate Your Bra Size At Home? Find Yourself a Perfect Pick

How to Calculate Your Bra Size At Home? Find Yourself a Perfect Pick

Are you done wearing the wrong size bra, making you uncomfortable? Here is the guide for knowing how you can calculate your bra size at home, read on to know.

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Are you done with the worst quality bras – the ones that are too tight, loose, pinch, slip, or chafe? Around 80% of women wear ill-fitted bras and voice their concerns about not finding a comfortable bra size. And, yes! Wearing wrong-size bras can ruin your look with a flawless outfit. Note that the breast pain and backaches due to larger breasts are no joke! 

They can cause you a serious problem. However, the solution is finding the right cup and bra size. Investing and finding a set of undergarments that are the perfect fit and offer the best cut, fit, and shape is not easy to find.  

The different brands are making bra sizes notorious; a C-cup at one store can be a D-cup at another. Some bra sizes may grow or shrink over time or after each wash. Every brand has different sizes, making it hard for women to choose or pick the right bra. The best option? Know your accurate bra size by measuring your bust correctly through simple measuring instructions. They will ensure a perfect fit in band and cup—and can even offer you plenty of support. 

Learning how to measure your bra size without anyone’s help might sound weird. However, knowing your size and saving it in your phone can come in handy on your next shopping spree. The best part? It doesn’t require a lot of equipment; all you need is a measurement tape and some free time to perform this activity! Measuring your bra size helps you notice changes in your breasts, such as gaining or losing weight, aging, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, and much more. 

When was the last time you measured your bra size? If it was more than months ago, there is a slight chance that your breasts have grown shrunk or grown bigger. Your bra size fluctuates with weight and hormones. 

Trust it or not, bra size is not a guessing game; it may destroy your overall personality. With this guide, you can take care of irregular bras, saving yourself from sore, achy breasts coming from ill-fitting bras. Let’s read on to know more. 

How to Calculate Your Bra Size At HomeHow to Measure your Cup size or Bra Size at Home?

There is a lot more to know about effective measurements besides taking a measuring tape and figuring out your size. We will know your cup size, band size, and bust size in the next few steps. You might get surprised knowing that they don’t have a similar size! 

Finding the correct and most recent size – measurements of your bust, cup, and band can make it much easier to find the perfect fit. So no matter what brand you pick, you can find a comfortably fitting bra. In addition, you will lastly get an affirmation to toss out your bras sitting in your drawers. 

Step one: Measurement of Your Band Size

Before measuring your band size, wear a bra that is unpadded or thin. Please take out your measuring tape, enfold it comfortably across your back, keep it parallel to the ground, and place it under your bust. See what number it ends on. That number is now your band size. It is that simple!

Step Two: Measurement of Your Bust Size

Have a measuring tape, wrap it around your back at band level, and measure across the sluggish part of your breast. Make sure to hold your measuring tape right. Please take a deep breath to give the tape rest in its most comfortable position. Make sure it is not too loose, though. If it falls on the half-inch, round up, and you have your bust size.

Step Three: Measurement of Your Cup Size

 Measuring cup size is where things get messy because cup sizes depending on the manufacturer. The most common way to get the right size in your hands is subtracting your band size from your bust size, using the difference to get your cup size according to this bra chart:

Band – Bust = Cup Size Chart:

Difference Obtained

An Ideal Cup Size


A cup


B cup


C cup


D cup


DD cup


DDD cup

Note: this chart reflects US cup sizes!

Are You Using the Bra of the Right Size?

Crosscheck the size of the bra you just bought to the measurements you took. The right bra should feel comfortable and properly support your breasts. Some of the features of the “right-fit bra” include:

How to Calculate Your Bra Size At HomeFeatures of the Right-Fit Bras

  • The correct-size straps don’t drop down from your shoulders but stay there. 
  • The band sits against the back, hooked suitably to the last one, offering the body a good fit. 
  • Once you lock your bra, there should be room for one finger that can go below the band. 
  • The cups must cover your full breasts properly, with no gaps, overflow, or loose. 
  • The underwire should sit under your breast comfortably.v
  • You can also look on the other side of the story and determine whether you are using the correct size bra or the wrong sized ones. Bad bra fit has sigs like cup gaps, too tight, too loose, overflowing, band riding up, etc. 

Characteristics of the Wrong-Fit Bras

  • The straps continuously slide off the shoulder, making it harder to fix even after adjusting to the tightest fit. 
  • They give painful marks 
  • It will be too tight or loose, specifically when squeezed around the breast on the loosest or tightest hook. 
  • Your breasts don’t remain fully covered due to which breasts flow out from the cups. 

Final Words

Both ways, it will not take much time to know whether you are wearing the right size or not. Good bras make you feel comfortable and confident about wearing your flawless dress. Indeed! There are thousands of good bras available in the market; all you need to have is knowledge about what to buy and what not. Share your bra shopping experience with us and don’t forget to connect with us on social @shapellxoffical.

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