Shapellx New Logo is Here!

Shapellx New Logo is Here!

Get cozy with a cup of coffee or even better, with a glass of wine, because we’ve made something for you.

Get cozy with a cup of coffee or even better, with a glass of wine, because we’ve made something for you.

What does it come to mind when you think about femininity and sensuality? What do you picture when you hear the word confidence?

We’ve been heart strong on loving your body, accepting every curve and body line. Because that’s the one we’ve got for a lifetime.

The new logo of Shapellx celebrates the curves and the universal shape of a woman’s body. With stretchmarks. With extra skin. With tummy rolls. With all her life experiences. Ups and downs. And even more adventures ahead.

The snake caudal is a symbol of the snake goddess that is associated with fertility and motherhood, but also an underworld spirit. Snakes hold a certain fascination for humans and so do women. They can shed their skin and emerge reborn, like a superpower. They’re creators of new life and throughout times and cultures have had mystical meanings. By being so close to earth, they hold the connection to the unknown perils of the underworld. And we wanted to highlight the same supernatural qualities in women.

The new logo flaunts how unordinary women are. Their multiple roles, from mothers to daughters, from being kind and loving, but also sharp and zesty. And funny.

The letter “S” cheekily displays both, the elegance of a woman’s body, but also what we love helping you show off more – your bum *wink*

It shows the easiness of how women can go from sweatpants to goddesses and being beautiful in both.                                                                                           

We create Shapewear, that feels like second skin, in your transformation, emerging at the end like a goddess. And our new logo shows exactly that.

Here, at Shapellx headquarters, we love skimming and plotting the next piece of shapewear that will do its one purpose job – helping you feel confident and supercharging you with a glow up.

Does this feel like you? Do you feel like a snake goddess? Does this make your fingers feel tingly and you’re fired up to put on some shapewear and not second-guess yourself even for a tiny minute about it?!

Share with us your glow ups & Your transformations.  

With care & a ton of high fives,

Your Shapellx Team

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