Our Favourite Quick-Change Shapewear Styles For Slip-On & Slip-Off Perfection

Our Favourite Quick-Change Shapewear Styles For Slip-On & Slip-Off Perfection

Sometimes, you’ve got all the time in the world to choose the best shaper to go with your outfit. But other times? You need to be out that door in ten minutes, and you’ve only got half of your makeup done. We get it - it’s tough being a woman. 

And, look, we know shapers have a bit of a reputation for being fiddly—especially when you’ve got to squeeze into one or peel off another. However, shaper technology and shapewear designs have evolved dramatically over the years. There are now plenty of shaper styles that are simple, fuss-free, and easy to slip on and off. You can play with the levels of compression from everyday wear to special occasions and even wedding day.

Check out our favourites below! (they'll become yours as well)

If you’re wearing tops and bottoms… 

NeoSweat® Core Control Latex Waist Trainer

Waist cinchers are perhaps some of the easiest, fuss-free styles of shapewear with adjustable level of compression. Once you’ve mastered how to perfectly snap all those fiddly hooks in place, putting it on beneath a shirt or outfit – while you’re already wearing said shirt or outfit – will be a breeze. The NeoSweat® Waist Cincher, in particular, is easy to don and/or doff in seconds (depending on what you need). Its hook-and-eye closure allows you to adjust the tightness, while its steel boning provides back support and posture correction with firm compression. 

NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Lower Waist Support Belt

Just like the NeoSweat® Waist Cincher, this NeoSweat® Lower Waist Support Belt is simple enough that strapping it on or shrugging it off won’t interfere with your clothes. And works great on each body shape. What’s more, you won’t have to fiddle with hooks and snaps. This uses segmented hook and loop fasteners (plus Velcro pads) for maximum efficiency and adjustability. You can slip it on and off just like a belt—doesn’t matter if you’re wearing shorts or trousers, sweaters or tank tops, loose cotton shirts or fairly clingy silk blouses. No high-waisted style outfit will be off limits. 

NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Lower Waist Support Belt

CoreSculpt™ Lipo Abdominal Support Band

This one’s a more specific style for a certain situation, but you can definitely use abdominal support bands even if you’ve never had liposuction (or similar surgical procedures) done! The CoreSculpt™ Lip Abdominal Band uses structured boning and flattening fabric to give you a beautiful hourglass shape while keeping your lower abdominal area supported. It's great as post-surgical shapewear and post-pregnancy shapewear for recovery, while a versatile option for rocking a trendy outfit. Just like the NeoSweat® Lower Waist Support Belt, you can wear this one like a belt; easy to strap on, easy to slip off.

If you’re wearing a skirt… 

CoreSculpt™ Shaper Shorts with Butt Lifter

If you’ve ever worn boy shorts, booty shorts, or yoga shorts beneath your skirt (to prevent potential flashing), then you know how easy it is to slip shorts on and take them off – so long as you’ve got open access underneath. The CoreSculpt™ Shaper Shorts are basically the same. You can slip into these butt shapers when you find yourself needing a little extra sculpting (and booty lifting!) in your lower abdomen. When a quick change is needed, you can simply unzip the front panel, peel the shorts open, and slide them off. So quick and easy, that it doesn't event seem that you're in compression technology land. 

PowerConceal™ Seamless High Waisted Shorts

Give that pencil skirt you’re wearing a little more va-va-voom! by sliding on the PowerConceal™ Seamless High Waisted Shorts. This super comfy compression hidden in a seamless one-piece moulding technology makes it practically impossible to detect beneath clothing. The blend of Nylon and Spandex makes for strong elasticity (for maximum tummy flattening) that doesn’t compromise breathability and comfort. It’s seriously magic! Highly recommended for body-con skirts and dresses to highlight your natural waist while offering firm control for your flirty styles garments. 

Of course, you can wear these shaper shorts underneath a pair of jeans, but if we’re talking quick change, it won’t be as fast.

PowerConceal™ Seamless High Waisted Shorts

AirSlim® Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts

These shorts are sweet, simple, and so, so easy to use! Slide them on like you would a pair of regular spandex shorts or yoga leggings, and watch any unflattering rolls and bumps settle in place. It may not be as tight nor as heavy-duty as the PowerConceal™ Seamless Shorts, but these AirSlim® Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts can still smoothen your silhouette and tuck your tummy for an absolutely snatched waistline in seconds. If you’re feeling a little bloated, slip a pair of these on and absolutely rock your outfit! The secret lies in the shapewear options that you add to your wardrobe, because not every style needs to be in the extra-firm shapewear camp. 

Moderate compression garments have their spot to shine and due to their super comfy compression, they become day wear favourites in a range of styles.

If you’re wearing a dress/gown…

PowerConceal™ Seamless Power Mesh Sculptor

Double tummy control and compression, breathable fabric, and a design that hugs and enhances your curves? Yes, please! Look absolutely sculpted as you strut your stuff with the PowerConceal™ Seamless Power Mesh Sculptor. The straps may make it a bit difficult to slide on and off – especially if you’re pressed for time.  But a one-piece dress should provide you enough wiggle room to successfully complete the quick change.

If not, you can also wear this mesh sculptor like shaper shorts! The (detachable) adjustable straps  mean that you can take them off to make for a lot more freedom, around this piece of shapewear. 

AirSlim® 2.0 Smooth Wrap & Hourglass Shapewear

We do want to recommend this piece because it’s still quite easy to get in and out of (especially if you compare it to other full-body shapers and suits). However, bear in mind that it’ll only be quick-change-worthy if you’re wearing a fairly loose – or non-body-con – dress. It wears like a swimsuit that you can just shrug on and zip up, and the concealed back zipper ensures an easy, seamless fit.CoreSculpt™ Hourglass Full Body Shaper

Overall, considering the double-layer waistband (for reduced muffin top) and the adjustable shoulder straps (for maximum flexibility), this is a great piece that you can quickly shrug on if you want a quick confidence boost in your dress or gown for a perfect outfit look.

Let’s face it; there will always be moments—especially for us women—when a quick change is necessary. But rushing doesn’t mean compromising your look! If you have a patented five-minute makeup routine that still leaves you looking flawless, then you can definitely pick an easy-to-don shaper that’ll emphasise your body in the best way.

Shine away, you gorgeous woman!

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