10 Celebrity Shapewear Fans (& Which Styles They Love To Wear)

10 Celebrity Shapewear Fans (& Which Styles They Love To Wear)

 "Unrealistic beauty standards" (brought by social media influencers and Instagram models) get a good dose of honesty from celebrities and fashion figures.  

That's why we're pleased as punch when celebrities openly talk about using shapewear. Historically, there's been a stigma against shaper garments, and it sometimes comes off as a tad bit too judgmental. It's like people accuse shaper wearers of lying or that they don't deserve their figures.

That is totally not the case, as you're about to see from these 10 awesome female icons.


Of course, beauty icon, reality TV star, and social media queen Kim Kardashian would make this list. 

She's always been openly honest about wearing one or two shaper pieces to look snatched all day, every day. In fact, many credit her with starting the shapewear craze and having full control over how you show off your figure. 

Kim wears all kinds of shaper pieces, but her go-to styles are typically body shaper panties and shaper shorts on top. Yes, she does layer shapewear, and yes, we are just as impressed as you are.  

She even provides some helpful advice for people who want to replicate that: wear the shorter shaper first and then layer it with the longer one. For some power results, it seems that you should get pieces that are the same length.

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She's smart, charismatic, endlessly funny… and she wears a full-body shaper suit, according to her Instagram stories. One, in particular, sees her posing in front of a mirror-clad in a gorgeous black little number, taking both front and cheeky side-shots for good measure. We adore how she's just brimming with confidence, and she's totally rocking that suit!  

Curves for days, indeed!

The caption apparently reads, "she's glamorous on set today," and yes, Rebel, we one hundred per cent agree. 

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Popstar sensation and happy  new mother of one posted a TikTok video of her gorgeous self posing in a pair of beige-coloured shaper shorts. 

According to the 36-year-old, power, attitude, style, confidence, sex, and a great pair of shapewear are "What Makes a Woman," (referencing a song from her latest album, of course!)

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For the stunning dress she wore back in the 2012 Grammy awards, Adele reportedly wore three to four pieces of shapewear under it to look sleek, sexy, and oh-so fine!  

Looks like she beat Kim Kardashian at her own game. Seriously, three pieces of shaper garments (one on top of the other) are nothing to scoff at.  

No news on what styles they were, but some eagle-eyed people suggest it was a full-body shaper suit paired with either some tummy-smoothing shaper shorts or a waist cincher.

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Jessica Alba, much to everyone's surprise, has become one of the biggest advocates for shapewear. Yes, really, and no, you're not the only one caught off-guard. 

 The American actress and businesswoman has always been known for her toned, svelte, and slim figure. But—surprise, surprise!—she credits some of that to shapewear! 

In an interview with supermodel Tyra Banks, Jessica revealed that she used a double corset, girdle, or full body shaper suit for three whole months after both her pregnancies to help her bounce back from all the mommy weight she put on. 

That's not all. Apparently, this supermom also wore shapewear beneath her tight, body-con superhero costume when she played Susan Storm (Invisible Woman) in 2005's Fantastic Four. Proof that even slim, slender women use shapewear, right? Jessica, we love the honesty! 

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Just like her sister, businesswoman and social media star Kylie Jenner has talked openly about her butt-pad-equipped shapers. They flatten her stomach down while giving her bum the lift it needs. Kylie's always been known for her lips and her booty, so of course, she'd have small tricks to enhance it. Personally, we love that she's so open about it. If billionaire Kylie Jenner can wear shapewear proudly, then so should everyone who wants to. 

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She may be one of the tallest, slimmest, and most slender actresses around, but Gwyneth Paltrow has no problems admitting that she uses body shapers for almost every appearance. 

We can hear your jaw's dropping, and, yes, we were pretty shocked, too. She's so tight and toned, it almost seems like there's nothing for the shaper pieces to do! 

But according to the 48-year-old Academy Award-winning actress, she apparently wears them more for anti-aging than fat-fighting or weight-loss—which makes a lot more sense. And anti-aging is a concept we can all get behind, for sure! 

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Knowing that Queen Bey herself uses shapewear makes us feel all kinds of happy and inspired. She may not use it as often as other celebs on this list, but she's been pretty vocal about it regardless. According to the singer-songwriter (and all-around icon), she's once worn up to four pairs of shaper stockings underneath her costumes to keep everything tight and supported. 

Proof that everyone's got a bit of jiggle that they'd rather keep under wraps, right? 

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J-Lo took the stereotype of tall, skinny pop stars and tossed it right over her shoulder as she strutted her way to fame—curves and all. She is, perhaps, one of the reasons why fuller, curvier, healthier figures with wide hips are now being celebrated. Everyone with birthing hips, say thank you. 

Although she hasn't been as vocal about it, J-Lo does enjoy wearing shaper garments on occasion. She wore some mid-thigh shaper shorts at the Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, complimenting her already striking figure in a beautiful powder-blue dress. 

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Sofia Vergara is the definition of sexy curves. Seriously. Her perfect hourglass figure always has been – and perhaps always will be – a hot topic. She's tall, full-figured, and she isn't afraid to admit that she uses shapewear to accentuate her naturally gorgeous figure.  

The actress says that she uses shapewear to "smooth everything out" rather than "hold anything in." 

Totally makes sense!

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Special occasion or not, 

The easiest way to start your own shapewear journey? Look at your favorite celebrity, or better yet, see who matches your body type to take notes on which styles will work best for you. 

And, leave the rest  to us. 


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