Postpartum Shapewear 101:  Post-Pregnancy Shapewear and C-Sections—Should You Go For It?

Postpartum Shapewear 101:  Post-Pregnancy Shapewear and C-Sections—Should You Go For It?

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If you're just about to embark on your pregnancy journey, we're sure you've already got a lot of questions about what to expect, especially around how your body will shift as you grow new life. We don't have all the answers. But we do know that wearing specially designed postpartum compression garments from lightweight fabric help, support and assist in healing post-pregnancy.  

...And feel comfortable at the same time.

What Is Postpartum Shapewear? 

Postpartum shapewear might sound counterintuitive—wearing something tight when you're craving comfort. However, for many women, the tightness of postpartum shapewear can provide the support needed to help the body and your abdominal muscles heal and return to their old self.

Post-pregnancy shapewear basically refers to any shaper or compression garment worn after pregnancy and that works as abdominal binder.  

The most common types include postpartum belly wraps (or belly bands), binders, and postpartum girdles. The variety of styles offer different benefits suitable for all stages of post-pregnancy recovery. 

As long as they are worn correctly following the recommended position, recommended size chart, and recommended use time, postpartum shapewear is completely safe for new mothers to try. It will add some ease into your postpartum healing. 

Before we go into the numerous benefits, here's a quick overview of the different post-pregnancy shaper styles: 

Postpartum Shapewear: Different Styles

Belly Wraps/Belly Band 

These shapers are actually most commonly used during pregnancy. They're typically tube-like shapers made of soft, breathable fabric, meant to only slightly compress the belly for stabilisation, support, and back pain relief. 

Some postpartum belly bands slip under and over the belly so that the bulk of it remains lifted and supported without the risk of squeezing too tight.

Postpartum Binders 

Postpartum binders are basically waist trainers and cinchers. They provide support and light compression to the abdomen during the recovery period post-pregnancy. These binders are often characterised by Velcro straps and or clasps for easy wear and adjustability.

Postpartum Body Shapers

A Postpartum body shaper will provide the most compression out of the three styles. As their name suggests, they are used to shape, tone, and tighten the body to help it return to pre-pregnancy shape. Shaper designs that fall under this category include full-body suits, girdles, shorts, and tops.

Benefits of Postpartum Shapewear

1.General Abdominal Muscles Support

You might have heard of postpartum belly bands or post-pregnancy abdominal binders. These are both just different flavours of postpartum shapewear that focus on compressing and supporting the abdomen and lower back—like the CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support

New mums often have trouble stabilising themselves due to sudden weight changes and the presence of loose skin. These postpartum compression garments can offer general abdominal support to ease the daily struggle. 

CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support

2.Helps the Body Return to Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Many women are often frustrated with their post-maternity body—hence the popularity of post-pregnancy diet plans and workout regimes. While we think a new mother's body is absolutely gorgeous (because it's proof that you just brought new life into this world, girl!), there's nothing wrong with wanting to reshape your body, too. Postpartum belly wraps, combined with exercise and healthy diet will help you in regaining your previous shape. 

Postpartum full-body shapewear with fits like this CoreSculpt™ Tummy Control Full Body Shaper can help speed up the body's process of returning to its natural shape while still compressing and stabilising your core.  

3.Regain Pre-Pregnancy Posture

This is one benefit we absolutely advocate for. As you know, pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the lower back (and isn't that just the biggest understatement?). Many women tend to overcorrect their posture by leaning back and arching their lower back when they can. 

This basically acts as a counterweight to their belly so that they don't fall forward. As you can guess, the sudden shift of weight post-pregnancy can play havoc with the spine and core muscles. 

Postpartum shapewear like this CoreSculpt™ Back Support Posture Corrector Arm Slimmer uses different elements. It features compression fabric technology and a wide torso band – to pull your shoulders back and straighten your upper spine.This postpartum garment works its magic without putting extra pressure on your lower back and torso. 

CoreSculpt™ Back Support Posture Corrector Arm Slimmer

4.Stabilises Spine, Core, and Lower Torso During Exercise

If you're itching to hit the (home) gym after pregnancy, postpartum shapewear can do wonders for your results. Gentle, easy-to-wear pieces, that provide support for your tummy and lower torso, can help stabilise you as you go through gentle exercises. Postpartum period is ideal for yoga, low-impact aerobics, or simply just walking, where you don't engage your pelvic floor.

The AirSlim® Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts, for instance, is a fit that you can simply slip on and off as needed. There's a firm but gentle compression around the belly to tuck everything nicely, steadying your pelvic floor and keeping your balance centred.

5.Boosts Confidence

Your pregnancy belly may be gone, but your glow's still there! We can't expect our bodies to just "bounce back" after all that they've gone through. So if you're fresh from pregnancy and need a little confidence boost (maybe you're going out or going back to work), there's no need to "suck it in." Postpartum shapewear can do that for you! Look for pieces that flatten, smooth, and conceal areas that were left a little puffy from the pregnancy—like this PowerConceal™ Seamless Tummy Tucking Butt Lifter. Your postpartum journey is as beautiful as the pregnancy itself. Approach it gently and allow the baby weight to be part of your confidence for what your body went through.  

6.Safer Than a Tummy Tuck

Despite it being the go-to procedure for many new mothers, a lot of doctors are actually quite sceptical about getting tummy tucks done post-pregnancy. More so if you had a C-section. 

Even ideal candidates have to wait around six to eight months before they're approved for this invasive procedure. But postpartum shapewear like this CoreSculpt™ Lipo Abdominal Support Band? You can wear them almost immediately. Even if you literally slip one on the day after you're discharged from the hospital, there won't be any concerning side-effects. And on the topic of C-sections… 

7.Promotes Quicker C-Section Recovery 

Wearing a postpartum shaper – be it a girdle, a belly band, a body suit, a waist trainer, a belly binder etc. – lessens the pressure on your incision. Ones made from soft, smooth material can also prevent potential chafing (which is actually quite common when wearing tight, cotton clothes). Both these benefits can lead to a faster recovery and healing period following the procedure.  

The latest evidence even suggests that post-pregnancy girdles can help women experience less bleeding, cramps, and abdominal pain. However, for best results, we recommend looking for fits that were designed specifically for post C-section or post-surgery wear—like this CoreSculpt™ Post Surgery Firm Control Full Body Shaper.

Whether you just want to look and feel good during your recovery or you're struggling with a lot of pain and discomfort, postpartum shapewear can be an absolute godsend during post-pregnancy. And despite common misconceptions and reservations that people have, they are entirely safe to wear, as long as you do so responsibly. 

CoreSculpt™ Post Surgery Firm Control Full Body Shaper

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