Shapellx Day: Happy Third Anniversary!

Shapellx Day: Happy Third Anniversary!

Thanks for being part of our journey. Let’s celebrate Shapellx Day together! To thank all your support, we have a fresh promo: up to 60% OFF for you all! Don't be fashionably late! Start shopping before some of your favourite products cleared out!

Shapellx is a shapewear brand that has always believed in women expressing themselves to their fullest. We want you to accept how you look and feel more comfortable in your body. And we understand self-confidence and self-love start with liking how you look.

We curate products for women of all body shapes and sizes, so everyone can find something that is perfect for them. With our products, you can express yourself and live free.

Shapellx So Far

Shapellx is there to support all women to shine bright and conquer the world. We envision a generation of women who admire themselves and feel valued in their body.

Our brand is all about positive vibes, which is why women across the globe love Shapellx. In a short period of three years, we have been able to develop a solid online presence with 186k Instagram followers and 8.6 billion media exposure. We have 5000+ affiliates and brand ambassadors worldwide.

Advocating body positivity and women empowerment, we have over 200+ products for women of all body sizes, shapes, and types. Our shapewear is perfect for everyday use and special occasions. So whether you’re heading out grocery shopping, or an evening cocktail party, Shapellx never fails.

Our group is on a mission to building a global reputation through meaningful purposes. We ensure our products provide our customers with wow-worthy experiences that are empowering.

Brand Campaigns 2022

Our campaigns and movements hold the power to transform the entire shapewear industry, and that's what we aim to do via our 2022 plan.

All 400+ Shapellx employees around the globe move forward with the same vision of bringing change and setting new beauty standards. Connected by core values and purpose, our team believes it can help women build a more positive body image. Shapellx Day: Happy Third Anniversary!

My Unique Side Campaign

Shapellx firmly believes that all humans who walk the planet or ever will are unique.

You are truly one of a kind and possess qualities unique to your personality and existence. Embracing your unique side is the secret to self-love and self-confidence.

My Unique Side is a body-positive initiative that helps focuses on filling women with self-acceptance so they can start loving what makes them unique. With this campaign, we encourage all women to embrace and express their unique side with zero hesitation.

Brand Ambassador Campaign

Presentation matters and Shapellx is on a mission to make you feel represented. Our new brand position and theme is all about inclusiveness and expression.

Our brand ambassador campaign invites women from across the globe to join our community and share how they shape their destinies. We want to learn about your journey and how you broke free from rigid and unnecessary beauty standards.

Mother’s Day Campaign

Shapellx didn’t forget mothers. We celebrate motherhood, admires all mothers. We believe all mothers are unique, beautiful, and enough. Besides providing comfortable shapewear and undergarments for mothers, we collaborated with ten powerful mothers to inspire their mompower to other people during Mother’s Day Campaign.

Breastfeeding Campaign

Shapellx celebrates mothers and we understand the struggles of breastfeeding. To appreciate and empower breastfeeding mothers around the globe, we began a new initiative during breastfeeding week 2022. We collaborate with two amazing mothers, @pre.tty.val Valerie & @_lindalora_  Paola to learn more about breastfeeding and what the journey is like.

Shapellx Day

Shapellx came into existence to change the industry in September 2022. As we celebrate our third anniversary this year, we’re launching the Shapellx Day Campaign.

Our Shapellx Day Campaign involves speaking with five women bosses from different work areas. We ask them what curated their self-confidence to inspire young women to unlock theirs.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Confident.

Live. Laugh. Express.

 Shapellx Day: Happy Third Anniversary!

Shapellx Third Anniversary- A Big Upcoming Promotion for All Our Customers!

As our brand embarks into the fourth year, we want to include you on our journey. We have our biggest promotion yet for all the lovely women out there to try our comfortable products at a discounted price.

We want to give back to our customers through our Shapellx Day Sale! You can get up to 60% off on Shapellx products from 21st to 27th September 2022. So, don’t forget to visit our shop and enjoy big discounts.

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