Break the glass ceiling on Shapellx Day

Shapellx Day: Break The Glass Ceiling

All women deserve to be seen and catered for in all your glory. Today Shapellx is on a mission to help you unlock your confidence. For all women out there: be bold. be brave. be confident.

Imagine a future world where women are confident, brave and make bold choices.

Wait – we already have that!

Our mission is to create a world where women can fully express their unique beauty and reshape their lives.

Join our Shapellx Day campaign – where women, from all walks of life lift each other up. During this journey, confidence is one of the key spices.

Break the glass ceiling on shapellx day

But, what is Confidence?

Confidence doesn’t come with a body size or a number on the scale.

It’s not a skin tone or tied to a professional achievement.

It is the way you carry yourself – particularly when the odds are stacked against you.

It’s when you don’t flitch, step back or step down from an opportunity because of what you feel. 

Every woman, no matter how confident she may seem today, has started her journey of confidence somewhere. Not you, Scorpios, you were born that way.

All women deserve to be seen. And catered for in all your glory.

And that’s why today, we are here - to make confidence, boldness and bravery known to all women out there. 

Our life is a rollercoaster.

Sometimes, we need a gentle nudge to get our confidence back, because of some extra kg’s gained over the quarantine or, losing one’s job, due to circumstances completely outside of your control – and yet, we let that impact our state.

And sometimes, getting your confidence back is wearing something that makes you FEEL powerful, not because it’s fake, but because you truly are, and needed a reminder of that.

Every Shapellex piece is made to feed your inner confidence.

It aims to help you take a risk and challenge yourself.

Some of us were taught that how we look affects our self-worth.

But today and Here, we don’t make space for negative talk.

Because only YOU decide the identity of WHO you are.

And you have the power for who AND what you want to be.

Break the glass ceiling on shapellx day

We are on a mission to help you unlock your confidence

Remember the masterpiece from Demi Lovato, “What’s wrong with being confident”?

Just like a muscle, you ought to exercise your confidence to grow it.

Flex that positive muscle and assert your right to thrive!

Starter Pack for your Confident Superhero:

  • A powerful scent: choose a perfume that makes you feel strong. Smell is one of the strongest factors that can tip over the edge our confidence.
  • A perfectly fitted outfit: the way we look directly impacts how we show up.
  • A Shapewear piece to match, smooth, outline your figure – your secret weapon for confidence – for no matter what outfit you go for
  • A Photoshoot that snaps that memory and makes it real, for those days when you need a nudge
  • A Playlist that blasts out your power song

For any woman who has ever thought to herself  "I just can't...” or "I'm just not...,"

We want to help create a space where women encourage each other to put themselves out there, take risks, embrace failure, and lift each other up personally and professionally.

Forge new paths, being unapologetically ambitious, and never taking no for an answer. 

Break down walls and start projecting confidence.

Our goal is to help women realize that:

- they’re in control of their story

- they decide the way they perceive themselves.

And all it takes is a solid dose of confidence. And we are here for it.

Pour Yousef a glass of wine and let’s go.

You deserve all the good things that are coming your way. 

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Confident.

Live. Laugh. Xpress.

Are you ready to boost your confidence? Join us on Instagram: @shapellxofficial.

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