Shapewear Guide for Holiday Season How to choose your shapewear to match your outfit for the winter party season

Shapewear Guide for Holiday Season How to choose your shapewear to match your outfit for the winter party season

All I want for Christmas…is Shapewear. Said no one ever. But again, I don't like being confident and sexy during the holidays, said no one either. 

All I want for Christmas…is Shapewear. Said no one ever. But again, I don't like being confident and sexy during the holidays, said no one either. 

Trying to look your best this Christmas? Add a trustworthy and comfortable shapewear to uplift your entire look. While contouring your figure, it also provides support for the party season. Backless, strapless, body-hugging, butt-boosting styles - no matter the outfit, shapewear helps you wear it effortlessly. And, it adds some juiciness, might we say, to your holidays outfit styles. 

If this is not reason enough. Think about all the parties, reunions, gatherings we attend during the holiday season. After every party, the guilt of overeating or over drinking is no myth. We all love binging on Christmas eve. We definitely should. However, we all also try to avoid doing it for each and every event.

A slight compression garment helps avoid overeating while giving that perfect silhouette. Holiday bloating, what?!?!

And lastly, it is not just about the benefits. Shapewear can actually be part of the outfit. It does not always have to be beneath the clothes. Pair your bodysuit with a skirt and a cute blazer for the office. Wear the same bodysuit with a pair of jeans for the weekends. Replace the jeans with a nice dress and you are set for party nights.

Shapewear is as chic as it is versatile. You can expand your outfit collections, just by adding shapewear. Check our blog post here on how to do that. 

In this guide, we spoil you with choices to help you pick the right shaping garment this holiday season. Let this year’s shopping list be more than just presents for others. Let this shopping list be also about you.

Whether you are wearing a dress or a skirt, whether it's body fit or flare, THIS is a must-have. Most high waist tuckers - like this - come without the butt-lift strap. However, this is a special one. While it cinches your waist, it also gives your butt a boost. With the dual feature, you can be sure of pulling any outfit in your wardrobe this holiday season and looking your very  best.


The hip strap has an adjustable hook control. You know what this means? You can adjust the same shaper even if you pick up some winter holiday weight. And still have the perfect silhouette thanks to its firm control feature. 

With dual features and adjustable control, this piece of shapewear is a holiday essential, and will serve you on rotation. 

How many of us have had an awkward wedgie moment? Perhaps everyone reading this can at least recall one such incident. If that’s not enough. There is also the annoying high waist panty rolling down. Especially since shapers are made from elastane. In fact, you'll see in reviews for many pieces out there of bad shapewear, this being one of the most disliked "side effects". Fear not - you won't have to worry about this with your Shapellx pieces. 

This gift of shapewear in particular, keeps on giving. It's designed to let you enjoy your holiday party carelessly. 

This is such a well-thought out piece. Firstly, it has a non-slip lining and a glue strip. Which means no more slipping or roll ups. Dance away, without a second thought. The shaper won't move with you. It also has a clasp that you can hook to your bra. This further prevents your shaper from sliding. 

Additionally, around the tummy, it has two fabric layers to compress and give a nice shape. Around the butt, it has a stretchable fabric to highlight your natural curves. 

This piece feels like one of those “Designed for women, by the women” kind of garments. A problem solver, wearing a cape.

Dress is a common holiday outfit. A full body shaper - like this -  is perfect for all of them. The wear on bra pattern makes this a versatile option for any form of dress neckline. It goes well when you wear your turtleneck for the outdoors or conservative events. It also works equally well when you go all out with your plunging neckline. 

The lycra fabric of the shaper gives your outfit a seamless look. This allows you to wear it under any dress without worrying about panty lines. Confidence galore shall be the motto of this shaper. 

For all those who do not prefer a slip under a dress. Or love to avoid thigh chafing but hate stocking. This is your go-to. 

Do you have an hourglass body shape? This is especially recommended for this body type because it evenly smoothes out your silhouette and lifts at the right places. It will give you a taller and leaner look. 


Last, but not the least, we have this bodysuit. A holiday-ready shapewear. This piece works well not just for your dresses and skirts, but also with pants and jumpsuits. With both butt and chest lifting, and tummy cinching, it really gives us THE perfect silhouette. 

At the first look, it looks like any other bodysuit. Look closer, and you will see there is a hook near the crotch area. All that holiday drinking also means going to the powder room again and again. The hook allows for easy bathroom accessibility, regardless of the party dress you're wearing. 

One extra tip: it's made of finest microfiber luxury nylon yarns and lycra fiber. This allows for slight compression. It makes you feel comfortable and gives you free movement. So even when you wear this for the entire day, you are looking good without any complaints. Effortless confidence. Coveted styles. 

Now, for the the best news

We gave you a sneak peak into some of the best options for this holiday season.They are ready to wear with a cocktail dress, a body-con dress, a flow dress or - any holiday dress you plan to put on. But, what is better than getting your perfect party dress on, and pick the best combo shapewear for it? A Holiday sale.

Each of these pieces is part of our special holiday sale! You can indulge in luxury without paying the big bucks. 

Now, go on and have the best of the holidays yet!

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