The Reason Everyone Is Talking About Shapewear Right Now. 7 Must Know Facts About Shapewear.

The Reason Everyone Is Talking About Shapewear Right Now. 7 Must Know Facts About Shapewear.

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Hot girl summer is here. And we may have had an extra serving of chips. Ohhh, scratch that. We've had a whole bag in the pantry while thinking what to get as a snack for the movie later. Anyone else? Or Only us?

If you are looking for a way to feel more confident in your clothes, without having to only have kale smoothies for the entire summer - shapewear is the answer. It will give you that extra boost and help with areas that may need some support.

But...What is shapewear?

Shapewear can be defined as underwear or clothing designed to shape the body by compressing it, typically worn under other garments.

There is a shapewear garment for every result you aim for, or target area at every size. From control tights to tummy shaping, or full body shaping and contouring - it'll make your body's curves look more defined and smooth out any unwanted lumps that may form while wearing tight clothing.

Women love wearing shapewear as a way to feel confident when they dress up. From a special occasion, to a Sunday brunch or a presentation at work, Light, control fabrics in some of the designs feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

But, if you're after a stronger effect you'll find that too in shapewear with more robust materials. No matter what you have in mind for your shapewear you'll find it.

1. Benefits of shapewear

You go down between 1-3 sizes.

Your muscles, loose skin, extra bulges and dimples are compressed. Helllllo extra boost of confidence!!!

You get instant back support, as well as an improved posture. This all makes your body look taller and slimmer. And you didn't even put on those heels yet(!)

2. Shapewear and Weight Loss

Shapewear doesn't trigger weight loss directly. It makes you one better. It helps you see your body in a new light and how it will look 1-2 sizes down. It also helps lower your appetite due to its compression levels, so you may feel fuller faster.

This is more powerful than a crush diet, because it shows instant results that will motivate you to add some exercise and improve your diet. But until you get there, it will still deliver your dream body every time. Talk about super powers.

3. Is wearing shapewear safe?

Shapewear is intended for instant slimming and control underneath your clothing. A typical shaper provides a thin, but firm layer of compression, which helps to create a smooth foundation beneath other garments. It can help to eliminate the appearance of common trouble areas, like love handles, belly pooch, bulges and so on.

Shapewear is a multitasker. It can flatter your body, maximize your workouts but also become an extra motivator in a healthy, long-term slim-down plan through adding healthy diet and exercise.

However, if it starts to feel too restrictive, shortness of breath or you can experience pinching or numbness you need to take it off. Not everyone will experience wearing shapewear in the same way. Therefore, listening to your body, following the proper sizing guide and helpful tips on proper wear and fit will decrease the chances of it being unsafe.

4. Shapewear and everyday wear

Can you wear shapewear everyday? Shapewear doesn't have a standard compression level. This means that there is shapewear that can be safely worn everyday, while others, with maximum compression, are recommended to be worn occasionally. Think of it like a pair of high heels. Some women are comfortable wearing heels every day, while others will only do it for some special occasions. Shapewear that is worn all day long may cause some discomfort, but there is no rule of thumb to follow.

Modern technology creates breathable and comfortable shapewear that will only offer lighter compression. However, that can be worn for longer hours. The shapewear with ultra compression, that will snatch you and sculpt a curvier, bustier look is not recommended for daily wear.

There is also shapewear specifically made for exercise. It offers more stretch and flexibility, but also great support to allow a great range of motion.

5. Permanent body changes from shapewear

Can shapewear permanently change your body? Let's make this simple. The answer is "No". While shapewear is the secret hack to flatter your figure in minutes, smooth it and squeeze it - it's all it is. Depending on the level of compression, it will sculpt your thighs and contour yourbum and give you a tiny waist to make you look snatched. But, as soon as you're taking it off, your body will go back to its previous shape.

What it can change is your mindset, allowing you to decide how you feel more comfortable, and then take action depending on that. That means that whatever works for you shall be the rule.

6. The Redistribution of excess fat

Where does the extra fat go? High quality shapewear works differently. It's designed to smooth, slim and support the areas that you feel self conscious about. But(!) it also redirects the little extra towards areas that you want to highlight. It will shave off inches from your waist and compress it. It then redistributes what's left evenly, around your hips, to create the highly desirable hourglass shape.

7. Side effects from wearing shapewear

Are there any Side effects from wearing shapewear? Yes, there are. If you were self-conscious about some extra weight, it will inject you with goddess level confidence. Not that it wasn't there to begin with, but it will help awaken it. It will help you speak up if you don't feel like it, because "maybe next time".

However, like with all good things, you shall apply moderation and ease your way into wearing shapewear. If you've never worn it before, start by gradually increasing the amount of time.

Some studies have shown that some might experience skin breakouts from excessive sweating and bloating due to the slowing of the gastrointestinal system's free motion. You may feel light-headed due to shallow breathing and chest compression.

Check next our guide on how to choose the best shapewear for your body type, to decrease the chances of any side effects.

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