Shapellx Unveils Its New Brand Identity, A New Era of Empowerment and Sustainability

Shapellx Unveils Its New Brand Identity, A New Era of Empowerment and Sustainability

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Introducing a fresh, modern look and a commitment to eco-friendliness, Shapellx's new brand identity is set to empower women to express themselves unrestrictedly while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Shapellx, the pioneering women's everyday shapewear brand, recently announced a new brand identity that better aligns with the company's mission and values, bringing together the core of who they are as a brand and what they offer. The brand is known for creating a variety of flattering silhouettes for any occasion, providing women with the freedom to convey their unique style and reveal their true selves to the world.

This gorgeous new brand identity is based on a muted nude palette, with fresh, juicy, deep purple accents that evoke a modern and stylish look. The muted nude serves as the foundation for the brand, creating a neutral look that can easily be built upon while also representing a wide array of skin colors which provide the underlying significance of inclusion and diversity. The deep purple accent color adds a vibrant pop of color, making the brand stand out and appear unique. Shapellx also integrates a yellow secondary color which infuses a pop of personality and fun into the overall feel of the new palette.

Graphic elements and patterns play a significant role in creating a recognizable brand while strengthening its identity. Smooth shapes and lines signify flexibility, fluidity, and tranquility, and these graphic elements are connected to the smooth forms of the letter S in the brand mark.

This new Shapellx brand identity also includes a new logotype, which features a modern, sleek design that is both elegant and on-trend. The Shapellx logo integrates into this new identity as a true representation of the brand's mission, featuring feminine curves and sensual lines that resemble the beauty of the female form. The typography used in the logotype is clean and stylish, and it reflects the brand's focus on simplicity and sophistication.

Contributing to the stunning new colors, fluid lines and logo, the font pairing integrates such cohesive components and complements the main logotype of the brand. This new brand identity reflects the colorful originality within every woman - for the woman who uses her unique style and lively appearance to reveal her true self to the world, it's for the carefree creative who expresses themselves through every wardrobe detail, knowing that Shapellx has a shapewear solution that allows them to reveal who they truly are.

Beyond their new brand identity, Shapellx is also committed to becoming the world's first fully sustainable and eco-friendly shapewear brand in the mainstream market. The company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet by using sustainable materials and high-quality fabrics that are both environmentally friendly and long-lasting. By choosing Shapellx, customers can feel good about expressing themselves and making a positive impact on the environment.

Now, Shapellx's new identity best reflects the company's mission and values, as cohesive and recognizable features that will grow the company and its loyal community for many years to come. This will include the adoption of this new fresh approach throughout the Shapellx web and social presence as well as all future product and packaging applications. Setting a foundation for the future as an everyday shapewear brand that is not only chic & beautiful but also socially responsible, Shapellx is thrilled to be entering this new phase with a stunning new look, shape and feel.

To learn more about Shapellx and explore the innovative shapewear collection for every woman, visit and engage with the Shapellx community on Instagram.

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